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Player Spotlight: De’Aaron Fox

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By Aston Hutchison (@HutchTtsm)


Do you ever recall a time where you are outside, enjoying the day, and suddenly you were hit by a rather large breeze? Chances are you just experienced the afterburners coming from De’Aaron Fox exploding up the floor. Fox has world class quickness and raw speed, but what delineates him from the rest is that he somehow seems to get quicker when the rock is at his finger-tips. Fox’s ability to adjust mid-stride and make defenders fall to the ground compares to the NFL’s CJ2k Chris Johnson in his prime.

Don’t sleep on De’Aaron Fox being a one trick pony either… Fox has active hands on defense racking up 1.3 steals per game earning him respect as one of the NBA’s best defending point guards. On the offensive side of the ball, his legs may be looking like the fictional Road Runner, but his mind is finally starting to slow down and see the game. If Fox can ever get to the point where he’s able to manipulate the pace of the game at his will, or visually see plays developing 2 or 3 moves into the future, he will easily earn the title as the best all-around point guard in the NBA in the next couple of years. De’Aaron Fox’s rapid growth is also turning the heads of NBA superstars such as Kyrie Irving!

The Facts

Every single part of De’Aaron’s stat line is up from his rookie season. The most significant is how many more times Fox is earning easy buckets at the free-throw line. He is currently shooting 5.2 free-throw attempts per game which is up from the 2.7 attempts in 2017-18. This jump in free throw attempts has nothing to do with his superior athletic abilities. It solely is accounted for in how Fox has started controlling every dimension of the game including the film room. Fox is exploiting defender’s weaknesses night-end and night-out which accounts for him earning more trips to the line.

In Fox’s rookie season defenders played on-ball defense by providing a gap to account for the likelihood of a drive to the basket. With his 3P% up from 30% in 2018 to 37% in 2019, gap defense is no longer an option. If you gap Fox, you get sprayed…. but if you play tight, you get left staring into blank space… The man is electric! The scariest statistic yet is the fact that Fox shows out even more on the road! Fox’s advanced metric offensive rating according to is 2 points higher on the road, than in Sacramento…

Fox has been one of the fastest developing young players in the NBA thus far. If the young star can help the Kings make the playoffs, and make some noise, he will start becoming a household name. This 6’3″ TRUE point guard out of the University of Kentucky epitomizes what the NBA is all about with talent, work ethic, and a big ‘ol smile!

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