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And just like that, it’s the best time of the year to be a sports fan! We’re finishing up the NBA regular season, the MLB is gearing up, the NHL is in will swing, and March Madness is set to arrive in a couple of weeks. Heading into Selection Sunday on March 17, 2019, we at TTSM would like to give you our predictions for potential Cinderella teams in the making. The first featured team has to be the Alabama Crimson Tide (17-11) who Joe Lunardi currently has sitting as a #11 seed in the West Region facing the #6 seed Villanova Wildcats (21-8).



The Crimson Tide are one of the most entertaining teams to watch in all of college basketball from a pure fan perspective. On offense the players cut with purpose, sprint to set big-time screens, and work hard to get their fellow teammates open which is every coaches dream. Defensively, the Crimson Tide embody their heart-filled coach Avery Johnson’s charismatic, and intense personality by tossing the term personal space out the window. The players are in your grill from the opening jump, and it translates to electric plays in the open court. Who doesn’t like seeing the team with the sickest hair in the NCAA flying up and down the court trying to tear the rim off?



Now, let’s get into personnel which has to start with youngest player entering D-1 to start the season, Kira Lewis Jr. Kira is a 17 year old phenom guard standing at 6’3″. This dude can flat out ball and his potential is scary. Lewis Jr. is currently averaging 14.3 PPG on 45% of the field which is mind boggling as there are seniors in this league not averaging numbers even close to his… If Alabama does make a run in this year’s tournament I can promise you Kira Lewis Jr. is a name that will steal the spotlight. Mix Kira’s youth with experienced players such as senior forward Donta Hall, Grad Student Avery Johnson Jr., and sophomore John Petty, and you have yourself a roster designed to make some noise when it really counts. I’d expect this Alabama Team to pick up right where alumni, and now Cleveland Cavaliers guard, Collin Sexton left off last year.



The Facts

The Crimson Tide are still going to need a strong end to the season, and to put up a good showing in the LOADED SEC tournament to safely secure their bid this year. They have quality wins against teams like #4 Kentucky Wildcats, Ole Miss Rebels, and a quality performance (still a loss) against #7 Tennessee Volunteers. The key to this team not only making the Big Dance, but being the next Cinderella team is continuing their relentless pressure filled defense and up’ing their team assists numbers from 12.5 per game to 15+ assists per game. IT’S MARCH MADNESS SEASON BABY!



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