The New Age of QB’s

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Imagine seven years ago when looking for an NFL QB was looked at as checking body weight, height, and length off a list. This wasn’t that long ago when Andrew Luck coming out of Stanford was looking like a prototype QB. He was the consensus number one pick because of his smarts, height, leadership, and arm talent. Four of the big things that are looked at to be a proven NFL QB. But on the other side of that you have RGIII a running QB and a sign for the future to come. Obviously RGIII didn’t pan out and Andrew Luck has once again pumped life back into the Colts. But you have guys that have put a wrench into this standard of height that was a huge deal in the NFL community. Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, and Baker Mayfield have all shown to be a qualified QB. With Drew Brees of course being a HOF and Russell Wilson being a Super Bowl winning QB this shows that the 6’3″ giants aren’t the only QB’s in this universe. A great electrifying prospect coming out of Oklahoma could either heighten this train of thought or bring it back down to Earth a little bit.

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Kyler Murray a Heisman winning QB listed at 5’10” at the NFL Scouting Combine is a promising QB. His quick feet and dynamic passing has led him to be a potential number one overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Leading Oklahoma to a playoff berth and playing great against a great Alabama team with 19/37, 308 yards, and 2 TD’s he showed to have poise on a huge stage. He has been a tantalizing figure in sports since December and has cameras around seemingly 24/7. But no one in the NFL cares about your name, they care about the product on the field.

As a 16 year old who plays QB for my high school varsity football team and being only 5’9″ I understand the disadvantages of not being 6’4″. But he’s playing against the best in the world, his speed won’t allow him to get away with everything. He’ll have to learn a pro-style offense and learn how Russell Wilson uses his legs to create time and windows. Kyler Murray will need to learn how to use his speed to find guys down the field and to run away from the big scary defensive lineman.


Let’s talk about the places Murray could go. If Murray were to be drafted by the Cardinals and trading Josh Rosen (1st round pick) for let’s say probably a third or fourth rounder is very risky. Murray would have to come out of the gates being a huge payout as he would literally be a first round pick for two drafts. Being with Kliff Kingsbury who was underwhelming at Texas Tech will be a huge foot backwards. Kliff is a young coach who rode the coattails of being Sean McVay’s friend all the way to a head coaching job in the NFL. He probably shouldn’t even been at Texas Tech as he was the first coach in twenty years to have a losing record there with MVP Pat Mahomes. Another spot could be the Raiders which would make a lot of sense if three time pro bowler Derek Carr wasn’t there. After back to back years of being in a new offense Carr has underperformed with marginalized talent and a rockstar head coach. There have been hints of Murray being drafted fourth overall but this seems unlikely as there are other more major concerns with the Raiders. Another landing spot could be Washington as they let go Kirk Cousins a year ago, and Alex Smith has a gruesome leg injury that might take him out of football. Jay Gruden a big believer in the west coast offense of dink and dunk could be where Murray learns how to do short reads and can unleash a few bombs. The type of offense Murray is in is extremely important because of his small stature.

He can’t be predictable like Lamar Jackson with his running style offense cause Jackson’s body can’t take that forever and Murray with a smaller frame for sure can’t take huge hits. Look at Cam Newton being 6’5″, 245lbs, and 8 years and having injuries cutting his season short because of the amount of hits he takes. Kyler Murray can be the next superstar or super bust. If he dominates the league the old standard will be seen as ancient as the original iPhone.



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  1. Wow. Putting everything into perspective. Kyler Murray will not be able to take hits from the likes of Dontare Poe, Khalil Mack, and Von Miller. He will need to be in a west coast offense to survive. Great article!!!!

  2. If r father could have sat next to u at Dublin high school on tear days he could have earned straight A’s by plagerism. Don’t forget R o-play. Can. U write a disertation on how block 7 rushers when u have 6 blockers and r in 10 personnel. Can u see the coverage and feel the rush..can u redirect the slide of the o-Line on u still have notes from our oLine meeting. A the QBs know protections because it Self serving. Impressive Stud.. remember O-Side and Go Falcons and Pack:) keep it up and keep smiling!

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