Was It A Mistake to Sign Lebron James?

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So here we are Laker fans. In the month of March and playoff hopes continue to slip away as the hours go by. The Lakers have just recently lost Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram due to their respective injuries for the season, the veterans seem to not care anymore, and Lebron James is now on a minutes restriction. Even if you tried to think of a bad way on how the Lakers season went, you probably couldn’t have thought it would be this bad. Because of all this happening, the Lakers look like they are bound for another high pick in a very top-heavy draft class that includes Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, and Ja Morant.

It’s not a secret that the fans are disappointed in how the season went. I can say sadly that I am one of those fans. But there is a small portion of fans that may have taken it a step deeper. I have been noticing fans on social media saying signing Lebron James was a mistake and if they had to go back in time and do it over again, they wouldn’t have signed him.

Now before I can get into why I disagree heavily with that notion, I would definitely say there are logical arguments to be made on why signing Lebron James would be bad. But overall, signing James is never going to be a bad idea.

1. Lebron James Speeds Up The Process Back to a Championship

Lebron James before the 2018-19 season was no doubt the best player in the world. Now, there is an argument to be made with guys like KD, Giannis, and Steph. But let’s go back into the summer of 2018. The Lakers had an opportunity to sign the best player in the world. Not only do you get the luxury, but you also speed up the process to get back to perennial championship contention. The only superstars in this league to beat the Warriors were Kyrie Irving and Lebron James. What better way to catch up to Golden State by adding one of the players that were able to figure out the puzzle of beating Golden State. With Lebron James signing with the Lakers, it sends a signal to other players in the league that the Lakers are on their way back to being a championship team again. Why not join the ride of the greatest franchise in the NBA?

2. The Young Guys Get To Witness Greatness First Hand

I for one was excited that Lebron signed. I ran across my room, ran outside and screamed. But my excitement was not only because we got Lebron, I was excited about the young core. Personally, I was excited that Brandon, Kyle, Lonzo, and Josh were gonna be able to gain habits, routine ideas, and workout with Lebron who is one of the greatest ever. Injuries may have derailed their season, but you can tell the young guys are starting to get it and were thriving next to Lebron as the season went by. Kyle and Josh were Day 1 fits while Lonzo and Brandon took awhile but they started to get it. The young guys were able to play meaningful basketball games because of Lebron James. The young core going into next season will definitely take this season on what they have learned from Lebron and use whatever they may have learned and applied it to next year because the championship pressure really starts next year.

3. The Lakers Were Being Talked About Seriously Again.

The Lakers are always relevant. But to have the Lakers being talked about again in a matter where they are on their way back to being championship contenders is refreshing to see nonetheless. I haven’t had this feeling of being under the microscope so much since the Dwightmare days in 2012-13. Obviously, no one expected the Lakers to have this down of a season but I don’t think any Laker fan is expecting this next year. A new coaching staff is on the way, injuries were just bad luck, and all should be well. The Lakers being talked about is only the start. The Lakers living up to the talk and hype will be the next step in this journey back to being championship contenders.

No, it was not a mistake to sign one of the greatest of all time. Lebron James seems to be the only one, along with Kyrie, to have the formula of beating Golden State, so why not sign that dude?

Lebron James because of his greatness, off the court impact, and platform as an athlete, combined with the fact that he is playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, makes this such a Hollywood scripted movie that can only end well. I can say that with full confidence even though this season sucked, this is just the beginning of a fun-filled journey.

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