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Why the Chiefs released Justin Houston

After 8 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, OLB Justin Houston has been released. After failing to find a trade partner, the Chiefs chose to free up around 14 million dollars in cap with this release. Houston was rewarded with a monster 6 year contract after his all pro 2014 season when he recorded 22 sacks. After not having played a full season or getting double digit sacks since that 2014 season, many were just waiting for this to come. He made 4 pro bowls(2012-2015) and the one all pro in 2014. Houston will undoubtedly get his money as many are looking for a good pass rusher this free agency year.

As a Chiefs fan it definitely is upsetting to see him go because he has been a huge leader on our defense. This needed to happen though after he declined to take a pay cut due to the amount of the young Chiefs players that will get big contracts in a few years(Patrick Mahomes, Chris Jones, Tyreek Hill, etc) and their need for a big defensive player. Houston has been injury riddled ever since Ron Paker hit his leg while making a tackle back in a 2015 game against the Bills.It is great to see Houston when he plays at 100% but so frustrating when he gets his 5 game injury of the year. And sometimes when he is out their he doesn’t look 100% like when he had 0 sacks going up against the worst graded starting LT of 2017(according to pro football, Eric Flowers, in a 2017 game against the Giants. I feel he would no doubt be considered a hall of famer right now but injury after injury have prevented him from putting up the numbers and awards he needs. Not saying he still can’t but he has play a lot more with a lot of success.

Ultimately, Houston’s inconsistency is what ended the run in KC. He still has some left in the tank but the Chiefs just couldn’t afford that contract anymore. Good luck wherever you end up and go get yourself a ring.


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