AB Puts A Beat in the Raiders

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Probably the biggest move of the offseason in the NFL happened late Saturday night. It was such a huge deal that Antonio Brown was coming to the west coast that they pushed the hour forward just to keep up with him. Coach Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock are smelling like a bouquet of roses after only giving up a 3rd and 5th rounder for the best WR in football. With seven 1,000 yard receiving seasons in nine years and the last six being 1,200+ yard seasons this was a steal. Derek Carr will have the fanciest toy in the toy store. Many have put Carr on the hot seat after two underwhelming seasons (where he has been held back by coaching changes and personnel changes) and while he has been underperforming this should put him back into the top 20 player list where he should be.

Gruden also feels some warmth in his seat after regressing and trading two players that the Raider faithful loved. Mack was considered to be a Raider for life before he won DPOY in the magical 2016 season. But after a contract holdout, he was shopped for a suitor after being promised to figure out an agreement by Gruden. Brown brings a huge spark to a damp and somehow at the same time, dry Black Hole. AB withholds that Raider mystique to life being the old Al Davis type signing of taking an outcast player to a revered player (even more than he already is). But could he be like Randy Moss going to the Raiders and not working out, then after that go to the Patriots and pull the Pats to an almost undefeated season in the Super Bowl? Time will tell.

The Raiders are Back!

With a collective agreement of AB being one of the hardest working player in the league, him not working out is very unlikely. AB will be able to pull in double coverages and safeties to his side which could open up the offense for other receivers. This is instrumental in the new foundation of the NOW Oakland Raiders.

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  1. AB is by far me dangerous than the over hyped OBJ. If they can get a WR out of the draft to tandem with Brown(ala Jerry Rice-John Taylor). Derek Carr will have 2 new best friends. Raiders then can score with division rivals KC.

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