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Every NFL 2018 Playoff Team’s Biggest Need in Free Agency

Here’s the biggest position need for every playoff team this offseason to repeat its success.

Image: Berry Chin/Globe Staff

New England Patriots

Biggest position of need: WR

Why: The New England defense is solid with good players all around led by the best Defensive minded coach ever. The Patriots need a Wide Receiver to make things easier on Brady. The Patriots have plenty of draft picks and cap money to trade or pick up a above average receiver. This also is needed in that Gronk and Eldeman are aging. Eldeman is a good quick receiver, but the Patriots need a guy like they had in Josh Gordon. I recommend they pursue heavy in trading for Odell Beckham Jr willing to give up a lot.

Image: MSN Sports

Los Angeles Rams

Biggest position of need: Inside Linebacker

Why: Their offense is clearly fine. That brings us to the Rams inconsistency on defense. I think that is the cause of not having a dominant middle linebacker. They need a guy in that position to lead the front 7. CJ Mosley would be a perfect player for Wade Phillips system.

New Orleans Saints

Biggest position of need: OLB

Why: The Saints offense will remain to be in the top 5 next year lead by Micheal Thomas and Alvin Kamara. On the defensive side they are more average but they get the job done. They need a guys that would create some more turnovers and sacks for this defense. A perfect guy would be Justin Houston. He gets around 10 sacks a season when healthy and creates plenty of big impact plays. He is exactly what this defense could use.

Image: Sports Illustrated 

Kansas City Chiefs

Biggest position of need: Cornerback

Why: The Chiefs just cleared up another big need in safety with the signing of the Honey Badger but they still need secondary help in the cornerback position. Steven Nelson will most definitely leave so that leaves Charvarious Ward(95 percent of you just said,”Who?”) and Kendall Fuller. Kendall Fuller is a great slot corner but they need a tough guy that makes plays on the outside. With low cap after the Honey Badger deal, I expect the Chiefs make Cornerback their number 1 need on the draft board. If they have the cap to do it, they should definitely look into resigning Steven Nelson.

Image: Los Angeles Chargers 

Los Angeles Chargers

Biggest position of need: DT

Why: They have Ingram and Bosa on the outside so they just need a guy in the middle. If they put a pro bowl DT on that line, it would easily lock down the run completely and leave it to their elite secondary to make plays. They should use their first round pick on this position and look into resigning their DT last year, Corey Luiget. Resign him and let him teach a rookie to develop into a pro bowler.

Image: USA Today

Chicago Bears

Biggest position of need: Pass rusher opposite of Khalil Mack

Why: This defense will be top 5 no matter what again this upcoming year. Their offense is filled with young talent that Matt Nagy will continue to develop into a elite offense. So let that offense develop and make that defense even better. Put a pass rusher opposite of Mack so that teams will have to worry about both sides not just one. If you put an elite pass rusher across Mack, QBs should be expected to be sacked at-least 3 times a game. I say they trade 1 or 2 second rounders and go get Dee Ford.

Image: Inside the Iggles 

Philly Eagles

Biggest position of need: Running Back

Why: I believe the Eagles defense will have a bounce back year. They started playing great at the end of last year and fans should expect that all year next year. They need a explosive RB for their offense. They run a weak rb by committee and it doesn’t really work. If they Eagles can get a deal done for Bell, there is no doubt they go right back to being back in the super bowl talks.

Image: Matt Kryger/IndyStar

Indianapolis Colts

Biggest position of need: Secondary

Why: Their offense will be fine lead by the best o-line in the league and explosive players in Marlon Mack, T.Hilton, and Eric Ebron. Their teen needs to take the next level by upgrading their secondary whether it is safety or cornerback. Those guys simply could not keep up with good offenses and the Colts will need that to win in the AFC. They should go after Ronald Darby and Adrian Amos.

Image: Tom Fox

Dallas Cowboys

Biggest Position of need: Safety

Why: They have great young linebackers and solid corners. Also a defensive line led by Demarcus Lawerence. Their glaring need is a safety. Go outbid the 49ers and get Earl Thomas.


Seattle Seahawks

Biggest position of need: Safety

Why: Russel Wilson will do his thing on the offense and lead his team to a winning season. If the Seahawks really want to compete again they have to upgrade their defense. That’s starts with the safety position. The leagion of boom is gone. They need to understand that and go upgrade those safety’s. Go get Clinton Dix or Tre Boston. They are 2 veterans that can lead the secondary.

Image: Godofredo A. Vasquez

Houston Texans

Biggest position need: O-Line

Why: It’s hard choosing between the secondary, wide receiver, or O-Line. I went with o-line because this team will never go to next level without solid protection up front. Deshaun Waston was great in 2018. He can be the MVP if you give him a top 15 offensive line. The Texans have to be willing to trade for some and go with that as a many focus in the draft.

Image: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens

Biggest Position of need: WR

Why: The defense will still be good without Mosley but the offense will have to step up. It can’t rely on Lamar Jackson’s running and will need to turn him more into a better pocket passer. That starts with getting him some real weapons. He has a solid RB by committee and a good group of tight ends. Go get him some good cheap veteran receivers like Cole Beasley or Randall Cobb. Then go draft one too.


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