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Who Won the Odell Beckham Jr. Trade?

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At around 7:30pm, news broke of a shock trade between the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants for star wide-receiver Odell Beckham Jr. There were reports of the Giants willing to trade Odell for the right amount but a lot of people, including my self, did not believe it would happen. The official details are; Giants receive 2019 First(Pick 17), the Browns second third, and safety Jabrill Peppers as the Browns receive Odell Beckham Jr. So let’s look into how this impacts both teams.

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There is one big problem in my eyes with the Giants trading away their all pro receiver. That is that they will draft Eli Manning’s replacement either this year or next. We see rookie QB’s struggle greatly when they come into the league and have little help at the receiver position. The most recent example being Josh Rosen. The Giants will still have Barkley but will leave aging Eli and their future Franchise QB with a mediocre receiving core.


The Giants get a solid safety in Peppers. He is now considered a “veteran” who doesn’t make many mistakes and will take care of his side of the field. He won’t replace Landon Collins but he will be a good fit with the Giants. He should be the leader of the defense with Landon Collins and Vernon on their way out. The Giants will also be able to beef up their defense more with first and third round picks. I say the go linebacker then wider receiver.

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Odell will pair up great with Jarvis Landry making them arguably the best receiving core in the league. This will only continue to help Mayfield develop into an all pro QB. This also should help some of their younger receivers and tight ends like Perriman and Nijoku get more open. This I truly believe will make the Browns offense top 10, maybe top 5, as long as Baker Mayfield continues to do his thing.


Obviously giving up a first rounder is not ideal. They are potentially missing out on a star and their general manager, John Dorsey, is great at drafting so history says he would at least draft a starter. For example, Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce, Marcus Peters, Dee Ford, and Patrick Mahomes. Also, they lose part of their secondary which wasn’t great as it is. They could have used those picks to help out cornerback Denzel Ward but will have to look to find a steal in the second round or later.

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Who won the Trade?

I got to go with the Browns. If the Giants draft 2 pro bowlers with those picks then maybe it’s a better trade. That is a big if and only time will tell. The Browns just upgraded their offense just the way they needed to. They won’t have to rely on their defense as much to win them big games as the offense should now be able to compete with teams like the Chiefs and Rams. I believe this could be the last piece of the puzzle for Cleveland to get back to the Playoffs. As for the Giants, I just can’t see why they sent Odell away. His talent is unbelievable and yes he may have some character issues but they don’t even compare to guys like Antonio Brown. The Giants took away the possibility of having a Patrick Mahomes like situation. Have a rookie QB learn from a veteran for a year and go in with the best talent at every offensive position. Now they are missing a number 1 receiver. Yes, they needed a safety, but I think they should have just went with that in the draft. Also, the Fans will be extremely unhappy. Time will tell as it always does with trades like this.


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