The 2019 MLB season will mark what has been five years since the San Francisco Giants dynasty ended. Whether you consider it a dynasty or not, the Giants won three World Series titles in a span of five years, never consecutively, but nevertheless impressive, coining the term, “Even Year Magic.” Missing the playoffs in 2015, but then returning to the National League Division Series in 2016, kept hope in Giants fans for some more of that even year magic, which unfortunately was cut short by a 3-1 loss to the Chicago Cubs in that same series. Since then, in 2017 and 2018, the Giants have missed the playoffs, finishing below .500 in both seasons which, coupled along with some questionable roster moves, has led to the idea that the Giants should consider a complete rebuild.


At the end of the 2019 season, the Giants manager since 2007, Bruce Bochy, will be stepping down. The same manager that brought the city of San Francisco three titles and who has undoubtingly cemented himself within Giants legends will be gone. This will leave a huge hole to fill within the organization. Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner, and Brandon Crawford, three players, and three San Francisco Giants legends, who Bochy has coached for the entirety of their careers, and who were apart of the 2010-2014 dynasty, will have to maintain the culture and expectation that was set. The upper management will have to find an adequate replacement, and the fans will need something to look forward to as a sort of new era begins.

Rebuilding is a tough choice and a tough process. The MLB is a business and money talks, but at the same time winning is valued over everything. Before the 2018 season, coming off their worst season in over 30 years, the Giants made two big free agent “splashes.” First acquiring Evan Longoria from the Rays for Denard Span, two minor league pitchers, and the biggest piece, Christian Arroyo, who was the Giants 2013 first round draft pick, and second, acquiring Andrew McCutchen from the Pirates. This gave some hope to Giants fans as they now had some more life in their lineup as the team was hoping for a more win-now approach. A year later Longo is still on the Giants, a year that saw one of the worst statistical seasons of his career, and McCutchen is already gone, being traded for two minor-leaguers from the Yankee’s. After trying to stay afloat within the National League West, depleting some good young talent for it, the Giants need to start considering a complete rebuild.

While the current perspective of the Giants is to keep a competitive team and a strong fanbase, losing nearly 90 games a year will send them further down and make the rebuild harder than it needs to be. At the moment, the Giants are in a place where big changes are coming and it is up to them if they want those changes to spark a new era or if they want to try to keep a culture and approach that already left a couple years ago. They need to keep a fan base, and after missing out on many big name free agents, specifically Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, and Shohei Ohtani, they must keep the players that mean more to fans than the actual team does at the moment, these players being Bumgarner, Posey, and Crawford. They must understand that as fans we would rather rebuild and be contenders in a few years than to be at the bottom of the NL West for the next 10-15. The Giants team isn’t getting younger and there isn’t much relevant young talent coming up, so it’s better to start now than never. Trade aging veterans who can still contribute for minor league talent, keep your young talent, and bring back to the city of San Francisco a new era of ball.

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