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New York Jets Land Le’Veon Bell

Image via SNY 

The long wait for the return to football for Le’Veon Bell is finally over. Bell had himself a night, dropping his album, “Life’s a Gamble,” and signing a four year, $52.5 million deal with $35 million guaranteed, and incentives that could earn him up to $61 million in total, with the New York Jets. (Adam Schefter/ESPN)

Whether or not Bell made the right decision sitting out the 2018 season and passing up on previous contract offers is a question for a later time, but as of now, he finds his new home in New York.

The Jet’s have given their hopeful franchise quarterback, Sam Darnold, a big new weapon. As they hope to complete the rest of their roster, they now have a bonafide superstar in Bell and can focus their attention to other needs in the upcoming draft.



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