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WTF: Jordan Bone Edition

WTF: Welcome to Failure-to-do-your-job, where we take a look into what happened, and why people are wrong.

615 Native to 865 Star. Through the non-conference schedule, Jordan Bone was averaging 14.3 PPG on 45.4% shooting, 23.9% from the 3-point line, 84.2% from the charity stripe, and had an assist-turnover ratio of 3.42. He would finish the season averaging 13.4 PPG on 47.5% shooting, 34.2% from the 3-point line, 80.3% from the free throw line, and an assist-turnover ratio of 3.05.

He racked up second team All-SEC and was not in contention for the Bob Cousy Award. WTF?!?!?!?! Absolute snub. First team All-SEC guard selections were Tremont Waters, Breein Tyree, and Quinndary Weatherspoon. Bone led the conference in assists/game and ranked in the top 10 in FG%, Offensive Win Shares, and Win Shares. Here’s how he stacked up against the three that were “better” than him.


Just looking at the numbers, there is no way that you can justify Bone not being a first-team All-SEC player. He’s the best passing guard in the SEC, and can score the basketball. He is also top 20 in Division I for assist-turnover ratio at 3.05, which is absolutely insane. Tremont Waters, for example, led the league in turnovers at 103(!!!) and steals/game at 3.0, but other than that, he was mediocre. The only categories Waters has Bone beat is in PPG and steals/game. Bone and Tyree have similar numbers across the board in terms of offensive percentages and defense, but Bone has an incredible advantage on assists and assist-turnover ratio. Weatherspoon is the only guard that I am accepting as statistically better than Jordan Bone just due to the facts. That still puts JB on the first team All-SEC squad without question, and I would not want to be the one guarding him during this postseason. He’s going to be coming out for blood with a chip on his shoulder, and I fully expect him to prove the doubters wrong.

Featured Image via Knoxville News Sentinel

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