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Every Decade in the history of the Nfl since the 1970’s merger has had that one team that just dominated. You got the 60’s Packers(3 championships and 2 Super Bowls), the 70’s Steelers( 4 Super Bowls), the 80’s 49ers(4 Super Bowls), the 90s Cowboys(3 Super Bowls), and the greatest of them all, the 2000’s/10’s Patriots( 6 Super Bowls so far). All of these Dynasty’s have one thing in common: hall of fame coaches and Qb’s. No Qb-Coach duo has ever stayed together as long as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. But, as Brady and Belichick near the end of the careers, therefore ending the NFL’s greatest dynasty, what NFL team is up to be the next villain of American football. First, we got to eliminate some teams from contention. There’s multiple reasons to take teams out of contention, so I’m going to put them into groups of why the won’t be the next dynasty.

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The teams with aging Qbs with not enough time left to win multiple Super Bowls:

The Patriots, Chargers, Steelers, Saints, and the Packers.

These teams have the talent to win one or maybe two more Super Bowls but their hall of fame quarterbacks won’t be their to extend their success.

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The teams that missed their chance:

The Seahawks, Panthers, Falcons, Ravens, and the Broncos.

These teams had a chance to keep playing good football after their Super Bowl appearances but either messed up keeping their core players or simply were just 1 year wonders.

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The teams that don’t have a good enough Qb or Coach:

The Titans, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Jets,Bills, Bengals, Cardinals, Vikings, Redskins, Cowboys, Giants, Lions, Jaguars, and the Raiders.

These teams can definitely win a Super Bowl by being carried by their defense or beefing up in free agency one offseason, but won’t be able to win long term with the Qb or Coach they have now. It is important to note that some teams have young QBs that maybe haven’t shown their full potential yet.

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So here are the teams that CAN be the next Nfl dynasty ranked in order of chance:

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Number 8: The 49ers

John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan, and Jimmy Garopollo. John Lynch has made moves and will continue to draft well to make this team a contender. All Kyle needs is to have Jimmy for a full season. While right now they may only be a mediocre team, them 3 will put this team in the Super Bowl conversation in just a few years. And with the cap space they have, they will continue to build a elite team around Garopollo. I believe this could be the making of a dynasty due to their cap, good drafting, and they have a real good qb-coach duo that hasn’t been able to work together on the field for even half a season yet.

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Number 7: The Texans

Deshaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins carried the worst offensive line to a 11-5 record in 2018. Draft some offensive lineman so that Watson’s career doesn’t end short.. While I don’t completely believe in Bill O’Brien, Watson will be able to get this team to some Super Bowls as long as the Texans play it smart and get that kid a offensive line. Watson is a great talent and while he might not put up the numbers Mahomes does, he can lead his team to victory just the same way. Keep the defense dominate, draft a solid o-line, and you got yourself a possible dynasty.

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Number 6: The Browns

I know a lot of people would put them higher, but don’t forget this team hasn’t even made the playoffs yet and have a first year head coach coming up. John Dorsey will always be aggressive in free agency as long as he is the Browns general manager always giving them a Super Bowl or bust vibe. Odell is great, but that doesn’t mean they will go to the super bowl or maybe even win the division just yet, but if John Dorsey continues to draft they way he has, the Browns will be a force to be wrecking for many years. The only hole I see is maybe Freddie Kitchens(new head coach) not being a good coach.

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Number 5: The Bears

Matt Nagy is a great head coach, and while Mitchell Tribisky may be a system quarterback, he runs Nagy’s offense well. Where this dynasty is made is on the defense. If the Bears can keep this dominate defense and upgrade it even more, I see a very 70’s Steelers like team. The best defense in the Nfl and the offense does what it has to to win games. A solid offense and the best defense in the NFL can make it really tough to stop the Bears in the next decade.

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Number 4: The Eagles

Don’t forget the Eagles are just coming off that Super Bowl win, have a top 10 Qb, and a great aggressive young coach. This team is talented and rides off confidence. That’s where I see a problem and a good thing. This team could have a losing season in the next decade, but then go to the playoffs the next with a similar roster. They already have a Super Bowl, so the team knows what it takes to get there. In the next decade, Carson Wentz will strive to show they don’t need Nick Foles to win a Super Bowl.

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Number 3: The Colts

Most cap space in the NFL, a already 10-6 playoff team, top 3 general manager in the league, great offensive minded coach, top 5 Qb, best offensive line in the NFL, enough said. Only problem with this team is I really don’t think they will ever be able to go to KC,Pittsburgh, or New England and win because of the cold. They have to host their playoff games.

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Number 2: The Rams

Rams just got off from a Super Bowl loss. I think this will help their drive to win even more. The big thing about this team is that Sean Mcvay could coach for the next 30 years because of his age and as long as he is with the Rams, they will be elite. Sure, Goff is okay, but this is all Mcvay and Wade Phillips. The defense is also young and does enough for this offense to win. Mcvay will lead this team to be the top dog in the NFC for the next decade or more.


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Number 1: The Chiefs

Andy Reid’s last stretch as a head coach will be his greatest. He will lead his team to 3 or more Super Bowl victories in the 2020’s. He finally has the Qb he has wanted ever since he left Green Bay and Brett Favre in the 90’s. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid is the perfect match and this will lead the team to AFC and NFl dominance for multiple years. Andy is only 60 so he could definitely coach up to 8-10 more years and Mahomes has 10-12 more years in his primes. The NFL has only seen the beginning of the NFL’s next dynasty.



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