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Is Lonzo actually ditching the Triple B’s, a family ran brand that recently broke the news after co-founder Alan Foster was accused of the 1.5 million dollars missing from Lonzo Ball?  Well the ball family has recently been giving out hints that Lonzo is going to Nike. For example, the first piece of news we got was a post on Lonzo Ball’s instagram of him with a Nike quote saying “It’s only a crazy dream until you do it.” The picture also has his number 2 jersey hanging up in the rafters with all the Laker greats.

The next piece of evidence that we have is Lamelo Ball commenting on that same post above saying “Love u brotha🤞🏽thanks for getting us out my G💯.” That could possibly mean that Big Baller Brand is over. There have been some reports that the Ball family have discussed ending the family company and anything to do with Alan Foster via ESPN. The Lamelo Ball comment is followed by another comment by the other brother LiAngelo Ball on his girlfriends live saying “Nike Gang”

Lastly, probably the biggest piece of evidence that Big Baller Brand is over is the video DMO Lonzo’s manager posted a video on his instagram of him putting the BBB shoes down the trash with the hashtag #dumpurmerch. That pretty much tells the whole world the Triple B’s are done.

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