With the NBA regular season coming to an end, the ‘Giannis vs Harden’ conversation is more alive than ever. NBA fans everywhere are talking about who deserves MVP, in which the divide is seemingly split down the middle. The arguments on both sides are valid, so it is really difficult to come to a consensus that one deserves it over the other.

The Stats

Giannis Antetokounmpo:

27.4 PTS/6.0 AST/12 REB 

James Harden: 

36.2 PTS/7.5 AST/6.5 REB



Okay so this where we get to the reason you probably clicked on this article… Yes, Giannis Antetokounmpo deserves the MVP. We’re not here just to fill your head with derogatory reasoning that you’ve heard thousands of times from Harden haters, but rather to tell you the cold hard facts on why Giannis is the MVP.


This is an unarguable fact that cannot be changed. The Rockets have had an amazing season(48-28) in which Harden single-handedly turned his team around after a lackluster start, but that shouldn’t be a reason for him to win MVP. Why should a “comeback season” overshadow the consistent winning(57-19) that Giannis has provided from the start of the season? It’s almost like people have completely forgotten about October-December.

UNREAL Field Goal %

Giannis has shot a phenomenal 58% from the field this season while Harden has shot 43.8%. Any basketball enthusiast would know this is because Giannis prefers scoring at the rim and in the mid-range while Harden chooses to expand his range, but the rate in which Giannis is scoring is superb for his percentage. There is absolutely no way to stop Giannis driving to the rim. The mixture of his length and athleticism is out of this world and he is arguably the most unstoppable force in the NBA.

If Harden Wins…

Ehh… I wouldn’t be too upset. I mean seriously, the dude has had a record-breaking season and put on one of the craziest scoring displays the NBA has ever seen. As the NBA media started to move away from the LAbron show, it was nice to see another player getting the spotlight. Both Giannis and Harden have made very strong MVP cases, but now it’s time just to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


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