Bruins matchup Leafs in first round,What to expect.

Bruins vs Leafs. Classic 6 matchup in the first round. The Bruins have recently had the upper hand against the Maple Leafs but with the recent acquisition of star forward Jonathan Tavares, this could change. Tavares is on the road to score 50 goals in the regular season. Tavares will either be the reason the Leafs win, or the reason they lose. His inexperience in the playoffs is gonna be a Wildcard for Toronto’s success this offseason. Last year the Bruins outplayed the Leafs in the final game of the series and won in 7 games. Toronto did not have many stand out players last year. But now that Austin Matthews is a bit more developed, who knows how this series will go.

Picture Credits: Staff Writer Mike Zeisburger

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