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The Greatest Shooter Ever Just Got Better Vision

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Golden State Warriors superstar point guard, Steph Curry, revealed to the Athletic this week that he recently started wearing contacts to improve his blurry vision. Yes…you read that right. Curry was in a sort of shooting slump after the All-Star break and since mid-March has busted out of it, shooting 48.7% from three, with five-plus three-pointers made in nine straight games.

Curry recently learned he has been playing with astigmatism, a common vision condition that causes blurry vision, and he just acquired contacts to improve it. Curry stated, “I had gotten so used to squinting for so long…it was just normal.” Yes…you read that right. The greatest shooter ever was squinting to shoot the ball.

“It’s like the whole world has opened up,” Curry stated.

Now the world has opened up, and cleared up, for Curry, and it looks like the Warriors three-peat championship hopes have too.

Good luck to the rest of the NBA, because they just put a scope on a sniper.

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