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Cameron Smith: ILB, USC
6’2 243 LBs

Q1. What would you say is the best part about your game?

“[I] Think the mental side of my game sets myself apart from other linebackers. I also believe I am very instinctual and that allows me to make a lot of plays and be productive. Lastly I think that I am very consistent. You always know what you’re going to get from me week in and week out as well as day in and day out”

My take: I love this answer and if you’re a Bengals fan, you should too. This screams hidden gem to me. Smith would bring something to the Bengals Linebacking core that they desperately need. Smith is a very instinctual LB which allows him to make plays. Another big bonus as he mentioned was his consistency. This seems like a Luke Kuechly in the making.

Q2. Do you have a childhood favorite NFL team?

“I grew up a 49ers fan. My dad took me to a bunch of games when I was younger and I always enjoyed watching them and going to games”

My take: Great football background and knowledge. This shows he’s been involved and committed to the game since childhood.

Q3. What has the draft process been like so far?

“So far it’s been good. I feel like I have improved in a lot of areas. It’s a very monotonous process but you have to love the grind and I do. I’m very eager to show people the type of athlete that I am and maybe drop some jaws as well. I’m trying to have as much fun as I can through it all and put my best foot forward.”

My take: Love this answer too. He has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. Smith is a good solo tackler with tremendous speed which allows him to get to the ball and make plays. Smith is also very agile and smart which allows him to get past blocks and into the backfield. I think with the right DC, Smith could thrive on blitz packages.

Q4. Do you model your game after a current NFL player?

“I have watched a lot of film of Luke Kuechly and Eric Kendrick’s. I think my play is very similar to Luke Kuechly. As well as the way we lead. I believe we are both very instinctual and intelligent. He’s also all about business and rarely takes part in the extracurricular after plays and such. Which I am very much the same. I am very involved pre-snap whether it is making sure people are lined up correctly as well as calling out offensive tendencies. So I do try and model my game a lot off of his. Which I believe is a great person to model after because he is one of the best in the game”

My take: This may be my favorite answer of his. Like I said before, he models himself after Luke Kuechly. He is dedicated to the game and focused on his play. As I’m writing this, I only get more excited about his future as a Linebacker.

Q5. Let’s say you’re drafted by the Bengals: who would you be most excited to meet?

“Hmm.. I played against Joe Mixon in high school and we have met each other before but it would be cool to kick it with him a little bit. As well as someone like aj green. A guy that has continued to produce year in and year out and it would be awesome to meet him and pick his brain a bit about his process of being able to be the same every year”

My take: Smith is a linebacker the Bengals need. I would love love love this pick. His coverage is solid and I think he brings a little bit of everything which would greatly improve the linebacking unit, especially if they are able to bring in a free agent Linebacker as well.

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