Courtesy of Todd Fuhrman of Bet the Board Podcast.

As most are already well aware, the NFL on Tuesday released the 2019 NFL Preseason schedule ahead of the upcoming draft activities.

Here’s a look at the preseason slate for the Tennessee Titans:


Week 1: Titans @ Eagles (Aug. 8-12; TBD)
Week 2:
Patriots vs. Titans (Aug. 15-19; TBD)
Week 3:
Steelers vs. Titans (Aug. 25 @ 8PM EST)
Week 4:
Titans @ Bears (Aug. 29-30)

The Titans will host the Steelers for their Week 3 match-up and will be nationally televised on NBC @ 8:00PM EST.

I would expect this to be the Titans “dress rehearsal” game, and the national spotlight will be shining bright on Marcus Mariota and the offense for the first time in a critical “do or die” year for the Titans QB.