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Recap: Lakers Exit Interviews (Lonzo, Ingram, Kuz, McGee, & Rondo)

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Lonzo Ball: To open off the interview they ask how Lonzo is feeling physically. He replies:

“Obviously it’s been a long process… finally starting to show some good progress and hopefully just a few more weeks and ill be out there.” It’s been almost 4 months since he got hurt on January 19th with an ankle injury it hasn’t been an easy process. Next, they ask him about the Magic situation and he says ” It didn’t shock him like it did the rest of the world and that it’s what’s best for him that he supports him 100 percent. To recap on what he said about Lebron James he said “It was a dream come true for me… Watching him play my whole life, it was everything I thought it would be.

Full Lonzo Interview:

Brandon Ingram: First off they are obviously gonna ask about his health. The first question was “If you wouldn’t mind walking us through was the past couple months have been like you finding out and getting it taken care of. Brandon said, ” Basketball, Basketball, Basketball back and forth to the hospital trying to figure out what’s going on.” Next, they ask about how worried he was he replied with “When we were taking the test I didn’t think it would be that serious… it came back as a blood clot.. when I initially heard about it I was kinda worried. I heard people talk about the Chris Bosh thing and the people around kept me smiling. I didn’t have anything related to Chris Bosh.” For most of the interview, they asked about his Blood Clot and towards the middle, they asked about his performance after the All-Star break.

Full Interview:


JaVale McGee: Right off the gate he says “I had a good season and it would have been better if I didn’t get pneumonia, but I really showed I can be a starter in this league and I can play extended minutes while being g a leader on and off the floor.” Next reporter asks if he had the option to come back would. He replied with ” Yea definitely. Coming back would be something I’m highly in, but the NBA is a business you never know.” JaVale was asked about what his pitch to other free agents would be to come play for the Lakers. He said ” There are many opportunities on and off the court out here. We had the most TV games out of anybody coming from a losing season. That shows how much spotlight and how much opportunity there is with the Lakers.”

Full Interview:


Kyle Kuzma: First question was about the bond of the team. Kuz replied “So many times in basketball and in sports, you always preach family. You go into and arena and its 17 of you guys versus 20,000 people… I can’t say enough positive things about everybody in that locker room.” Later asked about his relationship with Lebron towards the end of the season. “It was great. My relationship has been good with him all year. Ever since he got here I made sure that I was right up under him so I could learn a lot. Any time you get a chance to play with a player like that you want to learn and be a great player…”

Full Interview:

Rajon Rondo: They first ask Rondo how he would summarize the season from beginning to end he says ” Season didn’t go as planned. Honestly coming here expectations were a little different. Thats how life goes sometimes its unfortunate how the season went… looking back I don’t regret anything.” He went on to say Luke did a really good job with the cards he was dealt because of injuries and suspensions. Next asked about the state of the organization he replied “There is a lot of great people at this organization people that want the best in me so I definitely can’t speak bad on this organization.”

Full Interview:

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