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Lakers and Luke Walton Mutually Agree to Part Ways


(Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images)

Some Laker fans will be happy to see this happen and some will undoubtedly not. People feel Luke Walton is one of the reasons we had a really bad season with bad rotations taking people out at the wrong time, but others feel injuries were the primary issue. The team finished 37-45, making it the third straight losing season.  2016: 26-56, 2017: 35-47


The two front runners for a replacement are Ty Lue and Monty Williams, the 76ers assistant. We all know the past Ty Lue had with LeBron, but Monty Williams might be a name you haven’t heard. He has experience with LeBron as the Assistant coach for team USA and has had successful runs as the Pelicans head coach. Ty Lue is a championship winning coach, ex-Lakers player, and LeBron James approved.


Lakers fans, I want your opinion. Was this the right move for the Lakers? Or did Luke Walton deserve another chance with a fully healthy roster through the whole year (we hope)?


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