Marcus Smart Out 4-6 Weeks with a Torn Oblique


Going down with an injury on Sunday night against the Magic, Marcus Smart was originally thought to be day-to-day, however, what once was an optimistic outlook on the injury front for Smart, has now become dire.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Marcus Smart has been diagnosed with an oblique tear and could miss up to 4-6 weeks, including up to 2 rounds in the NBA Playoffs. With nothing on the line, late in the 3rd quarter of Sunday night’s Celtics game against the Magic Marcus, still playing meaningless minutes, ran into 7-footer, Nikola Vučević’s hip and went down holding his side. In a lot of pain, Marcus squirreled around on the floor until he got enough strength to make it to the bench. Not making a huge fuss of the injury, Marcus re-entered the game only to go down on the 2nd possession, this time in even more pain. Marcus was then helped off the court and carried to the locker room, where he’d be announced out for the night. At first, this injury didn’t come across many people’s minds as serious. Players bump into other players all the time, get bruises, walk off, and be fine either that same night or the next game. Marcus’ injury was thought to be of that category. Unfortunately, for the Danny Ainge and the Celtics, who had speculated a day-to-day window for the injury, this injury was much more serious than what was originally thought. An avulsion of the left oblique abdominal muscle was the official term given to Smart’s injury by the MRI results the doctor received, which originally couldn’t be conducted, due to the amount of pain Smart was in at the time. The injury will likely put Smart out for 4-6 weeks, as I said earlier, which means he’ll be missing significant time during the Playoffs.

Marcus Smart is the heart of the Celtics. Most of the Celtics energy, effort, fire, and intensity comes from Marcus Smart. Losing him for the 1st couple of rounds of the Playoffs could be disastrous for the Celtics. Just one year ago, Marcus missed the 1st four games of the Celtics-Bucks series with a thumb injury. Boston went 2-2 in those games and had to win a crucial game 5 at home. The 1st possession after he checked into the game, Marcus dove for a loose ball at half court. That kind of impact, that kind of energy, carried on throughout the night and gave the Celtics a close win over the Bucks. He, with his high effort play on both ends of the floor, swung the series that night. The Celtics are going to need someone of Marcus’ kind for this year’s playoffs. This year hasn’t been a smooth going for the Celtics. It’s been rather like the Ninja rollercoaster at Six Flags. A lot of ups, downs, bumps, turns, and it’s all been rattling. If the Celtics are going to make a long sustainable run in this year’s postseason, they’re going to need a full squad. And unfortunately, that’s just not what they have at the moment. In my opinion, the Celtics, out of all teams, can be the ones to battle from after an injury like this though. We’ve seen it in the past, missing Gordon Hayward for the whole year last year, missing Kyrie Irving and Daniel Theis for the Playoffs last year, the next man knows how to step up. Who will it be this time around? I don’t know. Whoever it is though, has some huge shoes to fill.


By: Seamus Zarlingo

IG: @CelticsEveryday

Twitter: @SeamusZarlingo


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