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Who do you think should be President of Basketball Operations?

I really can’t pinpoint a specific candidate because let’s be honest, it isn’t like any fan is going to over analyze a PBO candidate unlike what fans do for players. However, in terms of what I want in a candidate, I’d love to have a candidate that has good relationships within the league. Rob Pelinka has been known to have bad blood with executives outside of the Lakers and that isn’t good when it comes to working with trades. I’d also love if the executive has prior experience in the front office in some capacity, whether it’d be as an Assistant GM or GM. The Lakers are not in the “growing our employees” mode anymore. It is time to win now especially with Lebron on board. Finally, I’d like to see a PBO that would be willing to surround themselves with a crew that has high knowledge of any specific field. That was the problem with Magic Johnson. He didn’t surround himself with a good crew. He was egotistical and only had Rob by his side.

Rank who I’d want in the offseason in Free Agency.

For me, I’d want a guy who can cover up for Lebron as much as he can on the defensive side because we all know what Lebron is on defense now. So for me, it would be:

  1. Kawhi Leonard
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. Klay Thompson
  4. Kyrie Irving
  5. Jimmy Butler

Which Laker is most likely to have his breakout season next year?

This could be a really sensitive topic because I know Laker fans are very attached to the young core, as I am myself. But there are some fans who “stan” certain players which is fine. I personally believe it’s Brandon Ingram to breakout next year. You saw what he was able to do after the all-star break by playing at an All-NBA level. I think if that Brandon Ingram can come out of the gate on opening night, we may have ourselves a superstar in the making. Some could argue Lonzo Ball for this but I just don’t see him quite breaking out yet because there are still some major holes in his game like his shooting, pick and roll play, footwork…etc, all the technical stuff that I think he may need one more year to work on it.

What does a “we kept our talent and key players” lineup look like?

So I’m assuming this means if we kept D’Angelo Russell, Ivica Zubac, and Julius Randle. Let’s just say our team didn’t get Lebron James and kept all the young core.

Starting: Ball, Russell, Ingram, Randle, Zubac

Bench: Caruso, Hart, Kuzma…

Should the Lakers trade Lebron?


If we strike out in Free Agency, who would I target?

Guys I like are Danny Green, Brook Lopez (if he’s willing to come back), Trey Burke, Darren Collison, Derrick Rose, Wayne Ellington, Al-Farouq Aminu, Dewayne Dedmon, Ed Davis.

What are my expectations for next season?

This obviously depends on what happens this summer.

If we do get a max free agent to go along with the young core, I believe a 1-3 seed is what I’d expect. You can’t tell me that a Lebron James with another superstar along with the young core is gonna finish lower than that unless we are cursed with another injury-filled season.

If we strike out, I think a 4-7 seed is the expectation. The Lakers were a 4 seed before the injuries hit them like a train and that may have been where they finished by the end of the year. However, maybe with better systems in place, they could be a 3 seed with just the young core and Lebron, who knows? But can Lebron deal having to carry the load? That is why I’m praying that the Lakers sign a superstar this summer.


That’s all the questions!

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