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Lakers beat the odds, Land the 4th Pick!

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Crazy night for Lakers fans as we land the 4TH pick for the 2019 draft. The Lakers were projected the number 11 pick with only an 9.4 percent chance at a top 4 pick. To follow up the top 4 the Knicks got 3rd, Grizzlies 2nd, and Pelicans 1st. This is a weird situation for the Lakers because people are wondering “are they gonna use the pick?” “Will they trade it?” Some initial thoughts from me are they are going to trade for Anthony Davis. Then after I thought about it I was like “AD is gonna stay in New Orleans with Zion Williamson most likely going there.” BUT then a report came out by Shams saying that Anthony Davis stance on being traded hasn’t changed!

Another trade possibility that the Lakers could do is for Bradley Beal. We have been thin at the SG position lately. With Kentavious Caldwell Pope expiring contract and only Josh Hart in that position right now, he would be a good piece to have along Lebron James. Beal averaged 25.6 points with 5.5 assist as he was the main player for the Wizards with John Wall out most of the season.

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