Per, Dianna Russini of ESPN, the Bengals are interested in signing newly Available defensive tackle, Gerald McCoy. Russini was also the first to report on Marvin’s departure, Burfict’s release, and a couple of the Bengals free agent signings.

This report, however, does not mean the 6× pro bowler is also sharing the same interest, so don’t get too excited yet Bengals fans. After all, McCoy did say he wanted to go to a contender. Whether or not the Bengals truly are that, no one expects them to be either way, and McCoy may not either.

The other part about this, is, of course, the money. There is a reason after all the Bucs cut McCoy and went with a cheaper solution with Ndamukong Suh.

McCoy’s play has regressed and was no longer worth the $13 million hit to the Bucs roster. It is yet to be determined what McCoy values himself at, but if I had to guess, just like his passion on the field, he feels strongly he is worth at least $10 million to a roster.

Although this would be a luxury acquisition for the Bengals and there’s nothing wrong with getting luxury at this point in the offseason, this is too expensive of a luxury.

Cincinnati should not pay McCoy anywhere around $10 million for a regressing D-Linemen to take playing time from developing, younger, players who could contribute at the very least the same amount as McCoy.

However, if the price is right, McCoy would bring depth, quality play, experience to help the younger guys, and passion on the field to a team that needs it.

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