Why Darius Garland Should be Seriously Considered for the Lakers 4th Pick

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The Los Angeles Lakers have the 4th pick in the coming NBA draft, in which there are many solid options on the table. Trade the pick, keep the pick, trade down, trade up, whatever the case may be, at least the Lakers have the 4th pick.

This draft class is an interesting one. You have potentially a generational superstar in Zion Williamson and some players being overshadowed by him. One player that the Lakers should seriously consider, that is being overshadowed is Darius Garland.

Darius Garland

Position: PG

Height: 6’2

College: Vanderbilt

Wingspan: 6’5

Garland missed most of the college season due to a meniscus injury. He was the former number 1 point guard in the Class of 2018, and his five games of the 2018-19 season, Garland averaged: 16.2 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 2.6 APG, and 53.7% from the field.

Garland displays a great job of drawing defenses towards him and shows the ability to find the open man and creates the necessary passing angles to a possible kick out or for the lob. He’s not the most athletic person but he is quick with his dribbling and overall movement. Every motion he does on the court is fluid and seems to be all in one motion.

The way he’s able to create his shot and get it off is very NBA ready-like. The footwork and balance gives me confidence he can get his shot off from NBA range 3 pointers very fluidly. From that aspect, he can make it look easy. His ability to play the screen and roll is something that is necessary considering Lonzo Ball has some struggles with that aspect of the offense.

With that being said, the question probably going to be asked is will he fit with Lonzo Ball? My answer to that would be, yes, I do think he could be a great fit with Lonzo Ball. I don’t think he would start, but I do envision Coach Vogel using lineups with Ball and Garland. Garland’s playstyle of craftiness and ability to create with the ball combining that with Zo’s defense, passing instincts, and high-level off-ball cutting makes it an interesting backcourt to watch.

If I were the Lakers GM, I would still continue to evaluate the prospects. Garland is a great prospect and fun to watch on tape. But there are other great prospects, like Hunter, Culver, and possibly Barrett. But however, Garland displays a style that is very modern NBA guard like and the Lakers can use someone who can create with the ball in pick and roll situations.

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