In recent years, we have seen the NFL transform into an offensive juggernaut. There have always been revolutionary offenses like the 1999 Rams and 2007 Patriots, but nowadays we seem to have multiple teams that have the talent to be just as good offensively as those teams. Of course, on paper, some teams have the talent, but something pulls them down whether it’s poor chemistry, quarterback play, or coaching. Last year we saw the Chiefs, Rams, and Saints as the 3 standout offenses and while all those final four teams will most likely remain elite, there are now more contenders to take over the offensive thrown.  Along with stats fans and media seem to categorize offenses on the three players that stand out above all(you know you have something really special when there’s four or five). The trio could be any mixture of a tight end, running back, wide receiver, and most importantly quarterback. Obviously, the head coach(if they call the plays) or offensive coordinator is essential to an offense’s success as well. For this list, I am going to rank the top 5 offensive trios on how I think they will do in the 2019 season. When comparing the teams, I’ll definitely look at their offensive play-caller as a factor.

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Honorable mention: The Falcons(Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman, and Julio Jones)

Matt Ryan had a criminally underrated season in 2018 with 35 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions. Somehow he did not even get voted to a pro bowl. Also, don’t forget that Devonta Freeman was a top 10 running back before he got injured last season. Add a future hall of fame receiver in Julio Jones and this offensive trio should return to its 2016 form.

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#5: The Saints(Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Micheal Thomas)

Many would rank these three much higher on the list, but I look at it very differently. They will still be elite, but I believe Drew Brees will have a regressed season entering age 40 and Alvin Kamara’s production will surge down due to Mark Ingram leaving and leaving the workload to Kamara. Brees’s regression will lead to slightly worse stats for Micheal Thomas than his 2018 season, but he should still be considered a top-five receiver throughout the season. Also, don’t forget teams figured this offense out last season with the biggest example coming against the Eagles. Midway through the season the Saints put up 48 points against Philly and then in the divisional round, after a bye week, only put up 20(Both games were at home). The trio will still be successful but will drift out of the top three by the season’s end.

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#4: The Browns(Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, and Odell Beckham Jr.)

Baker Mayfield had one of the best rookie quarterback seasons along with a memorable Nick Chubb season at running back. Add Odell Beckham Jr to that crew and it creates a young explosive crew that will be together for years. Also, don’t forget about the consistent Jarvis Landry that will help the offense run smooth. The only potential problem I see is that they have a first-year head coach and the trio has yet to play together at an elite level.

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#3: The Packers(Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, and Davante Adams)

Aaron Rodgers has got some weapons now. While Davante Adams and Aaron Jones may not be household known names, they are just as good as the other players on this list. Adams and Rodgers have shown significant improvement in their chemistry every year and adding a shifty Aaron Jones will take some of the pressure off of that wide receiver-quarterback combo. Jones had 934 total yards and 9 total touchdowns in 2018 proving to be a bright spot in a rough year for the cheese heads. This is another team will a first-year head coach, but it’s gonna be hard to mess up Aaron Rodgers with pro bowl talent around him.

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#2: The Chargers(Phillip Rivers, Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen)

Phillip Rivers is gonna put his heart and soul out there on the football field this season as this may be his best chance to win a Super Bowl since 2006. Add two pro bowlers to his arsenal and you got a frightening trio to worry about weekly. Out of all the trios on this list, I feel like this one just works the best with each other. The weaknesses of these players are swept under the rug from the strengths of others. Expect the Chargers to take a huge leap forward offensively in 2019.

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#1: The Chiefs(Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Damien Williams or Tyreek Hill)

I put “or Tyreek Hill” because we are not sure if he will play or not. Either way the Chiefs have the reigning MVP at quarterback and the clear supreme tight end of the NFL. Damien Williams had a breakout final stretch of the season last year(over 600 yards and 10 total touchdowns in 5 starts) and I expect that to continue after a whole offseason of game planning as the starter under offensive guru Andy Reid. Some think that the Chiefs will take a major step back offensively in the 2019 season, but I just can’t see how Mahomes spectacular gunslinger throws will not open this offense up beyond belief.

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