Allen Crabbe was set to make $18.5 million this upcoming season you can say that’s a bit much for someone that averaged 9.6 points per game. Now if you’re asking why would Atlanta take that contract where here is why the Hawks now have the 8th, 10th, 17th picks and that’s not counting their three early second-round picks. The Hawks can now use those picks to pick up some more quality young talent to play with Trae Young and John Collins or they can bundle some picks together to trade up to get a chance at one of the top prospects in the draft. That’s not even including a potential 2020 1st round pick from the Nets, the Hawks were not going to be a big player in free agency so taking on Crabbe shouldn’t be a problem. Now looking at the Nets trading away Crabbe now allows them to sign two max contracts.

Now that Brooklyn seems like a serious contender for Kyrie they can also now pair Kyrie with another star possibly the likes of Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler, or even Anthony Davis would be interested in joining Kyrie in Brooklyn. Even if the Nets whiff on all those free agents and only end up securing Kyrie this trade allows the Nets to resign D’Angelo Russell and bring in Kyrie. Overall this trade works out for both teams as it now allows the Hawks to continue to get younger and it allows the Nets to become bigger players in free agency.

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