Bucks Draft Scouting Report: Isaiah Roby

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Position: F
College: Nebraska
Height: 6-8
Weight: 230 lbs
Age: 21

2018-19 stats:
11.8 PTS
6.9 REB
1.9 AST
1.9 BLK
45% FG
33% 3PT

Mock Drafts:
CBS - 2nd round
Bleacher Report - 2nd round
ESPN - 2nd round
SB Nation - 2nd round
The Ringer - 2nd round


  • Great length (7’3″ wingspan), speed, and lateral quickness have made him an excellent and versatile defender
  • Was able to guard all 5 positions effectively in college
  • Has shown he will be able to guard multiple positions at the next level
  • His size and length naturally make him a good rebounder
  • Good shot blocker due to his athleticism and leaping ability
  • A very versatile player offensively as well — he is solid on the drive and can also shoot the three and midrange decently
  • Has good passing instincts for a defensive-minded forward and a good feel for the game on offense
  • Overall has solid offensive skills and the potential to become a fine offensive player to go along with his great defense


  • Has a lot of work to do offensively — there are many scoring limitations he has
  • Not very good at creating shots and space for himself
  • Averaged more turnovers than assists
  • Fine shooting the three, but his range may not translate well to the NBA, and his inability to create for himself won’t help
  • Struggled against tournament level teams last year, hasn’t shown he can play well against the best competition
  • Only shot a subpar 59% at the rim, which is something he will need to improve on significantly at the next level

Grade for Bucks: C-

Roby would be a good defensive addition to the Bucks, but his limitations offensively make me want the Bucks to look elsewhere first. He has shown the ability to be a solid spot up shooter, which is something the Bucks offense is built around, and he is likely to be a “glue guy” in the NBA who passes, sets screens, gets out in transition, and can knock down open shots when needed. Roby likely would not be a player who would play much right away, and in my eyes he would be similar to D.J. Wilson. There are a good number of players that I would rather have the Bucks take with the 30th pick who can bring more to the Bucks offensively, but Roby would not be a terrible pick if the Bucks go that route.

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