Every team has played one game in this tournament its still early, losing teams have plenty of time to recover but this is how they rank as of now.

1.) Brazil– Brazil the most talented team in the tournament dominated Bolivia 3-0 they take on Venezuela next.

2.) Uruguay– Uruguay may have the scariest striking partnership in this tournament as Cavani and Suarez destroyed a ten man Ecuador 4-0. They play Japan in their next outing.

3.) Colombia– Colombia 2-0 upset victory of Messi and Argentina was eye opening as Colombia is looking very dangerous. Colombia will see Qatar in their next game.

4.) Chile– Chile are the defending Copa America champions and they proved their class by beating down Japan 4-0. Chile has a chance to rise in these rankings if they put on an encore performance against Ecuador.

5.) Argentina– Argentina has been to the finals the last two Copa America’s their journey to get back there started off rough as they fell to Colombia 2-0. Argentina has plenty of talent to get out of this hole, they look to bounce back against Paraguay.

6.) Peru– Peru is a side that always seems to give the bigger teams trouble, they were awarded a draw for their efforts against Venezuela. Peru hopes to go for the full three points in their next game against Bolivia.

7.) Venezuela– Venezuela was very lucky to get a result against Peru in a scoreless affair. Venezuela has a big opportunity ahead of them to make a statement as they get the honor of facing the favorites Brazil.

8.) Qatar– If Qatar didn’t concede a penalty in the opening five minutes of the game they would have probably walked out with three points. Qatar showed a lot of attacking promise in their 2-2 draw against Paraguay they look to expand on that performance against Colombia.

9.) Paraguay– Paraguay currently has a point which has them tied for 2nd in their group. Paraguay plays a team with no points and in last place in the same group so winning this next game could put them through; the only problem is that team is Messi and Argentina.

10.) Japan– Japan made in to the knockout stage of last year’s world cup and had Belgium on the ropes so they have room to improve. Japan got smashed 4-0 against Chile but expect this side to play confident even as they are challenged by Uruguay.

11.) Ecuador– Ecuador may have gotten their confidence crushed in their 4-0 defeat at the hands of Uruguay. Ecuador is in a big hole and they’ll attempt to climb out against defending champs Chile.

12.) Bolivia– Bolivia got dominated by a far superior Brazil squad. Bolivia has a great chance to grab some points back as they have a winnable game as they face Peru next.

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