Why Celtics Fans Should Be Happy AD Isn’t On the Celtics

The Anthony Davis sweepstakes are finally over after it’s been reported that the Lakers will trade Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks, including pick 4 in this upcoming draft. That’s a lot of assets to give up if you’re the Lakers. As of right now, I think the Pelicans won the trade just because of the sheer value they got from the Lakers. If the Lakers can win a championship with Davis on the roster that’s when the trade evens out in my mind.

But I’m here to talk about the Celtics involvement with Davis. The Pelicans Vice President of basketball operations, David Griffin, was reportedly looking for an all-star, a future all-star, and a bunch of other assets, including a bunch of picks. If we compare what the Lakers gave up to what the Celtics would have to give up, it would look something like this. Take Lonzo, a young point guard that plays great defense and can pass, that would translate into someone like Marcus Smart, the heart of the Celtics and personally my favorite player. Then we look at Ingram, another young guy, who is more of a scoring minded player. Ingram is the best player out of the three included in the trade, so he would translate into Jayson Tatum. Tatum would be the best player included in the deal, and someone to build around for the future. And last would be Josh Hart. Hart is more of a bench role for the Lakers, I don’t have an exact comparison for a Celtics trade, so I would say him and the 4th pick would be Jaylen Brown. Brown is better than Hart in most peoples minds, and since the Celtics don’t have a top 5 pick to trade the value would be around Hart and the 4th pick. So far the Celtics would most likely have to trade Tatum, Smart, and Brown, which all are huge pieces to the team. For the draft picks the Celtics would probably have to include 3 picks, the 14th, a future 1st round pick, and Memphis’s pick next year, a top ten projected pick. The Celtics would definitely keep two picks from this year’s draft to get a couple of wings to start to fill the gap of losing Tatum, Smart, and Brown.

If the Celtics would have traded for Davis who knows if Kyrie would even stay, he’s pretty much 100% going to Brooklyn and his meeting with the Celtics on Thursday will confirm it. So in that case, we lose a bunch of young players and assets for a player who said he wouldn’t stay in Boston, that would be a terrible trade and would really harm us in the long run. I’m super glad the Celtics didn’t trade for Davis, we can finally let the young guns run the show in Boston. Also, the Celtics were way more efficient when Hayward was on the floor without Kyrie, I wonder why?

We could be looking at a starting lineup of Rozier, Brown, Hayward, Tatum, and Baynes since it’s reported that Al Horford will most likely be looking for a 4 year deal with another team. The lineup isn’t championship level yet, but with Kyrie and Horford walking, that gives the Celtics a max-contract slot, which that could be used on a number of people to help us out next year. Personally, I would love picking up D’Angelo Russell if the Nets let him walk, he proved last year that he can lead a team and he doesn’t have as big of an ego as Kyrie. That’s a win right there. At the end of the day Celtics fans shouldn’t be worried too much, we have a great GM and an awesome, young head coach in Brad Stevens who I trust will make the right calls

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