Malcolm Wilson is an incoming freshman that will attend Georgetown University. Wilson is a 6’11 center he is currently ranked as a three star prospect. Below are his views on different topics about Georgetown, Patrick Ewing, and the college game.

Q: Why Georgetown?

“I chose Georgetown because of the great athletic and academic opportunities.”

Q: How is your relationship with Patrick Ewing and how did that play into your decision to attend Georgetown?

“Coach Ewing and I have a great relationship which definitely played a role into my recruiting.”

Q: What are some strengths in your game and what do you need to improve on?

“The strengths of my game is that I run the floor well and play good defense. My biggest weakness right now is my strength. When that improves I see myself becoming a much better player on both sides of the ball.

Q: Talk is swirling around that possibly may redshirt are you ok with redshirting and would you if asked?

“We have not discussed redshirting.”

Q: Finally what is going to be the most difficult for you when you make this transition to the college game?

“One of the most difficult things is getting used to playing a much faster game with a shot clock and play much more physical basketball than on the high school level.”

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