Carsen Edwards Is Legit

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I can still remember sitting there on draft night, hearing Mark Tatum announce that the stand out from PurdueCarsen Edwards, has been selected by the Philadelphia 76ers. Now knowing that pick was coming to the Celtics via a trade from earlier, I was stoked. Edwards had been carrying the offensive load at a surprisingly good Purdue team last season, and showed no stop all the way through March madness.

Edwards averaged 24.3ppg on 39.4 shooting, Russell Westbrook percentages, and not what you want your number one option to shoot. But with that being said he was the number one and just about the only option Purdue had on offense, so it makes sense if you put it into perspective. During March madness, Edwards was a whole new beast. He averaged 34.8 points in the 4 tournament games Purdue had, including two 42 point games. He also hit 28 threes in those 4 games, a tournament record. Edwards stock was on the rise heading into the NBA draft.

The Celtics decided to trade the 20th pick to the 76ers for the 24th and the 33rd pick in the draft, that’s ultimately how the Celtics ended up with Edwards. I’m still surprised how no one took Edwards before 33. From what I’ve seen from the summer league, he could have been a top 20 pick, but now he’s easily the steal of the draft.

In the summer league Edwards averaged 19.4 points on 48 percent shooting, way more efficient than his numbers in college, a big plus. He also hit on over 40 percent of his threes, showcasing his great shooting from beyond the arc. But it got even more impressive as you watched him. Whenever Edwards brought the ball up the court I had a good feeling he would score. Whether it be a pull up three or a hard drive to the basket with an excellent finish, I just got that feeling. In the final game of the summer league for the Celtics Edwards did all he could to help the Celtics win, he was nailing clutch threes left and right. He hit an absolutely insane three that would have given the Celtics the lead, but it was called back because of a prior foul, but right then and there I knew he is going to be special.

Overall Edwards was one of the main reason why I watched almost every minute of the Celtics summer league action this year. Since then the Celtics have signed him to a 4 year deal worth 4.5 million dollars. I’m thankful for the other 29 teams that didn’t pick him, he’s going to be a stud.

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