Three of Russell Westbrook’s Best Moments in Oklahoma City

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It is now official, Russell Westbrook is no longer a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. For Thunder fans, that is something very hard to accept.

Westbrook brought Oklahoma City energy, hope, and most of all loyalty. His relentless attitude is what Thunder fans fell in love with, which is what makes saying goodbye so hard.

Over the 11 years Russell was with the Thunder, he brought countless memories to all of the fans. Let’s take a look back at three of the best Russell Westbrook moments in a Thunder uniform (in no order):

1. And-1 vs Lakers in 2012 playoffs

This was the moment that all Thunder fans realized that Russell Westbrook was the real deal. Many people will tell you this is their favorite Thunder play ever, which is hard to disagree with. For any NBA fan, listening to the crowd in this clip should give you chills. This is the kind of energy that “The Brodie” gave Oklahoma City all of the 11 years he spent there.

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2. Signs extension with Thunder in 2016

After the departure of Kevin Durant, nobody was sure about the future of the Thunder, including Russell Westbrook. Durant left the fans in the state of Oklahoma hopeless. Russell wanted to make it known he was here to stay, and he did not wait long.

After being very close to advancing to the finals, the roster was now not a contender in the Western Conference. However, Westbrook made it an exciting year to follow the team as he went on to win MVP. Decisions like this gave the whole state of Oklahoma the hope they needed.

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is greeted by fans as he arrives for a news conference to announce that he has signed a contract extension with the Thunder, in Oklahoma City, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016.

3. Triple-Double season record, and game-winner vs Nuggets

Nothing can really describe Russell Westbrook, but this moment gets pretty close. In an intense game, it seemed like the Thunder were going to lose. That did not last long, as Russell hit a very deep three for the win.

When the Nuggets fans started cheering for Westbrook, people all over knew they were witnessing history. This is the moment when not only Oklahoma, but Russell Westbrook himself, knew his loyalty paid off.

After all of the great moments Russell Westbrook gave Oklahoma City, it is safe to say he is an Oklahoma legend. Nobody will forget all that he has done for the state. He is the player that Thunder fans will tell their grandchildren about. After all of the amazing memories, Oklahoma can only say one thing…

Thank you, Russell.

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