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Tyreek Hill NOT suspended … What does this mean for the Chiefs?

During the draft, an audio of a conversation between Tyreek Hill and his former fiancé, Crystal Espinal, surfaced. At that moment 99% of NFL fans believe Tyreek would get a suspension. However, after months of investigation, the NFL announced today that they will not suspended Tyreek Hill for alleged child abuse. Throughout the process of investigation, many people believed that Tyreek would be suspended anywhere from two to eight games. However, throughout the last week we began hearing rumors that Tyreek would not be suspended at all. These rumors ended as the truth.

With Tyreek Hill suspected to be out for the first few weeks of the season, many people were concerned that the Chiefs would take a step back without their star wide receiver. Now that the Chiefs know that Tyreek will be there at training camp and the whole season, many people, including Vegas, believe the Chiefs are primed for a Super Bowl run.

So what does this mean for the Chiefs? Tyreek’s fantasy outlook? Tyreek’s contract? The roster? and the NFL?

First of all for the Chiefs, this is a massive decision. If they had to go the first two to eight weeks without their best wide receiver and most dangerous weapon, their offense would have inevitably taken a step back from last year. Now, the Chiefs offense can be even better. They return with the MVP and best quarterback in the league, Patrick Mahomes, the fastest man in the NFL, Tyreek Hill, and the best tight end in the NFL, Travis Kelce. Sammy Watkins is finally health and primed to have a breakout season. On top of this they will add second round pick, Mecole Hardman. Last year they made it to the AFC championship game, which they lost because their defense couldn’t stop one third down out of the four. The defense doesn’t need to be the best in the league for this team to win the super bowl, they just have to be middle of the pack. The Chiefs will most likely be better on both sides of the ball and that is a scary thought for the rest of the NFL.

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