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Way-Too-Early NBA Playoff Predictions

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Although the NBA off-season isn’t over, its never too early to start talking about the playoffs. Here are our way-too-early NBA Playoff predictions.

Western Conference:

1.) Clippers

2.) Lakers

3.) Jazz

4.) Nuggets

5.) Rockets

6.) Trail Blazers

7.) Spurs

8.) Warriors

Eastern Conference:

1.) Bucks

2.) 76ers

3.) Celtics

4.) Pacers

5.) Nets

6.) Heat

7.) Raptors

8.) Pistons

First Round

Clippers beat Warriors 4-2

Lakers beat Spurs 4-1

Jazz beat Trail Blazers 4-3

Rockets beat Nuggets 4-2

Bucks beat Pistons 4-0

76ers beat Raptors 4-1

Heat beat Celtics 4-3

Pacers beat Nets 4-1

2nd round

Clippers beat Rockets 4-2

Lakers beat Jazz 4-1

Bucks beat Pacers 4-3

76ers beat Heat 4-2

Conference Finals

Clippers beat Lakers 4-3

Bucks beat 76ers 4-2

NBA Finals

Clippers beat Bucks 4-2

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