What To Expect From The Lakers This Season

As the dust settles on this crazy 2019 offseason, Laker fans sort of know what the roster is going to look like heading into the season. The Lakers are in need of one more player to add to their roster and it seems as if the Lakers are targeting former Warriors player, Andre Igoudala. But other than that, the Lakers are set in stone.

Obviously as a Laker fan myself, every year I want a championship. Especially with Lebron James and Anthony Davis, two of the top players in the league, the Lakers haven’t had a better chance at a title since the 2010 Lakers. The Lakers also having a rising player in Kyle Kuzma along with former All-Star Demarcus Cousins, and role players such as Danny Green and Avery Bradley also gives the Lakers a boost in terms of chances at a title.

But other than wins, record projections, and title odds, what can we expect from this team? What will this team look like from the get go and progressing through the season?

Just from looking at this team, it is constructed very differently from last year. Last year, it was a bunch of players put on a team without recognizing fit and pieces that go together. Although, at least for me, I don’t value fit as much as other people, the construction around Lebron and the young core was not great at all.

Now, with players that surround Lebron much more fluidly, Lebron can work with an offense with spacing by the shooters and having the most talented big man fans have seen in a long time. I can see Lebron within this offense being able to go back to his normal-self in terms of attacking the basket with ease without having to attract so much gravity from other players because of the shooters the Lakers have acquired.

But it’s not at all rainbows and sunshine. I still expect this team to go through the rough patches. Unlike the Lakers, the Clippers for example, just added two max players to their team without having to get rid of their core. The Lakers traded 3/4 of their young core for Anthony Davis and signed different players from last year. What helps that though, is being able to re-sign Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Javale McGee, Rajon Rondo, and Alex Caruso. Continuity is important for a championship team and being able to re-sign those four players that have played with Lebron helps for a fluid transition between different eras of Laker basketball.


I don’t expect this team to win 60 to 65 games. The West is really deep and the wins will be spread around more. I expect the Lakers to be a solid regular season team. Meaning, they will go on their win streaks here and there during the season but also go through some patches where they lose 2 and maybe 3 games in a row. However, come playoff time, this team is gritty and built for it. You have two possible MVP candidates, a former all star, and a puzzle piece of role players that fit around the margins much better than they did last year.

Win Projection as of right now: 53 Wins

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