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Joe Mixon says offense will be a “nightmare” for defenses

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals players this offseason have raved over Zac Taylor and the new offense. Joe Mixon is no exception as he had this to say

“Coach Taylor, he’s got it where it’s going to be a nightmare for the defense. I look forward to it. Everybody has to take it upon themselves to be the best of them in this offense you can count on the people and leaders out there to deliver.”

Joe Mixon is definitely excited about the new scheme of Running Back usage, as he should be since Marvin Lewis rarely used the RBs appropriately. And possibly, Giovani Bernard should be the most excited over anyone as he got a disrespectful 56 chances with the ball in 2018.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Giovani Bernard provides excellent depth, can surprisingly move a pile with his low center of gravity and powerful legs, and is as quick and shifty as advertised. If you don’t gameplan for Bernard, he could break for a big game.

If this run heavy offensive style pays off, the numbers could be staggering for opponents. Mixon is already coming into 2019 as the defending AFC rushing leader champ 1,168 yards, 8 Touchdowns, and a 4.9 yards per carry average in just 14 games in 2018.

Still, for any of this to work it starts up front with the offensive line. If they can stay healthy and step up, the new scheme can counteract some weaknesses and confuses defenses, set up play action, and chew clock in crucial situations. The possibilites are endless for Zac Taylor and the Bengals.


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