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Why the Bengals should NOT trade for Trent Williams

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This offseason, Redskins franchise Left Tackle, Trent Williams has sat out of Training Camp to this point with no end in sight. That is of course, he gets the boot from our nations capital via trade. That possibility is extremely likely given as how the team just signed Free Agent, Donald Penn who would only sign to a team where he would start, mind you.

Despite a connection with Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden, the Bengals former Offensive Coordinator, its not like Mike Brown and the Bengals to go out and trade for a player of Williams‘ caliber anyway. This is a move for a team who is a capable of a deep playoff run in 2019 and I’m not sure the Bengals are ready for that with their game manager QB, Young Coaching staff, and the way the Offensive Line and Linebackers are still developing. And alas, just like everything else in the world, Williams comes with a price tag and will demand a new contract to which the Bengals simply cant afford right now.

When was the last time Cincinnati signed a big-name free agent? You could argue it was James Harrison back in 2013, but really it was never that big at the time. Truly, the last time the Bengals made shockwaves in the offseason was when they brought in the polarizing and now Hall of Famer, Terrell Owens. Even then, it was only a one year deal worth two million plus incentives as he was coming off a lackluster year in Buffalo where he caught a pedestrian 55 receptions and 5 touchdowns, both career lows when he’s started in all 16 games. So even then, it wasn’t a blockbuster but still a move that caught the national media’s attention as it united the iconic T.O. – Ochocinco duo.

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Since then, Cincinnati has not been a popular place for free agents and the Bengals haven’t made many splashes as of late. So making a move for Trent Williams doesn’t seem too likely, especially given the fact that tackle isn’t the top need or want on the offensive line. Even when there is a bigger hole of the team, Mike Brown wouldn’t address it via free agency or a trade, with tackle Cordy Glenn being the exception. Hopefully that will all change soon with Zac Taylor.

When making an accusation of a player of Williams‘ age, and signing him to a one or two year contract with the intention of him making a starters impact on your team, thats usually the sign of a team gearing up for a playoff run. That is not the Bengals in 2019, unfortunately. They are only a few pieces away however, but this isn’t the article for that. This just isn’t a wise short term investment for Cincinnati, not with the way they are built as of now.

Why give up anything for an aging player coming off injury, especially when you like what you already have at that same position? You could make the argument that Williams‘ trade value has significantly decreased over the years, which is true.

However, it’d still be smarter to keep that mid-round pick that you would likely trade away and invest that into either a package for another trade or use it on finding depth for another position and add youth to the roster. Not to mention, for the Bengals especially the money that would be used on Williams‘ contract could go to an extension for a number of upcoming Bengals free agents.

Williams is now 31 and hasn’t played a full season since 2013. Not to mention, a big reason Williams is holding out is because he doesn’t trust the Redskins medical staff and wants a new contract. Well for starters, our medical staff is much better and we wouldn’t be able to sign Williams to a new contract with all the Upcoming free agents of our own. We would have to pay another guy a decent amount of cash or who’s to say Williams doesn’t sit out for us as well.

Williams is a tackle and despite a need at offensive line and particularly Right Tackle, Williams plays left tackle and even if he played right tackle the Bengals seem content with Bobby Hart there. It wouldn’t be smart of them to keep moving Cordy Glenn back to guard and tackle all in one offseason, its too much. I feel as though the Bengals like the group they have now and are set on finding the best five out of that group.

But do NOT mistake that as Bobby Hart should be the starter.

He is quite simply the Bengals 3rd grade crush, for some odd reason.

Not only is it unlikely the Bengals trade for Williams, it wouldn’t be smart either.


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