Andrew Luck Limited for the First Week of Training Camp

Michael Conroy/Associated Press

He’s (mostly) healthy everyone, stop worrying.

After Luck’s catastrophic shoulder injury that kept him out of the entirety of the 2017 season, Colts fans stay wary of hearing any injury news about the beloved quarterback.

When news surfaced that Luck had a minor calf injury, the entirety of the fan base lost it.

Of course, Colts brass clearly stated that if it was the regular season, Luck would’ve played. That they were just holding him out of offseason activities for precautionary reasons.

Which we knew in our heads. Sometimes our emotions just get the best of us. So, Colts fans worried. Thought up dumb scenarios of Luck being injured for the whole season.

It was all for naught.

Andrew Luck has been deemed as limited for the first week of training camp. Throughout the first day, he was limited in team drills specifically, but he’s been full throttle in position drills and has been throwing lots of passes to his wide receiver corps. He also stretched. During the second day, Luck did a few 7-on-7 drills on top of everything he has done previously. On day three, Andrew had the day off.

As training camp progresses, Luck will get more time on the field and once the coaching staff deems he is good to go, he will become a full participant.

So, no worries Colts fans. He is fine. Reich and company are just being precautionary, like they should be with the cornerstone of their franchise.

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