The utility knife was introduced to the mainstream NFL last season via Taysom Hill, Quarterback of the New Orleans Saints. That is…if you want to classify him as just a QB.

We saw Hill do a multitude of jobs on the field whether it be passing, catching, running, decoy, and even fake punts. Taysom Hill’s popularity bursted in his own lockeroom and onto the NFL scene because of this and became a fan favorite. Now, Jeff Driskel has a chance to replicate Hill’s role and redeem his young NFL career.

In college, Jeff Driskel was known for his mobility and legs at both Florida and Lousiana Tech after transferring. Fast forward to the 2017 preseason and Bengals fans got a front row seat at what damage Driskel could do as he made to Bucs defenders collide into each other on his way to the endzone. And last season, we saw that he was more of a Taysom Hill than a Drew Brees. His versatility impressed, as his accuracy did not. But with bland ol’ Marvin Lewis, would never be considered to be used that way, as it would’ve been to innovative for Marvin. But now its a “New Dey” with Zac Taylor.

The young, upstart offense coach has been using his players to their strengths this offseason, and for Driskel, that means wherever he’s needed.

With plenty of trick plays on their way surely to the Bengals offense in 2019, don’t be surprised if you see Driskel in the thick of things.

This may be Jeff Driskel’s best way onto a roster spot in 2019 as Rookie QB Ryan Finley has started to pull ahead in the backup QB spot after a horrendous start to his Camp.

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Overall, Driskel’s versatility surprises alot of defenders out on the gridiron and with a wide range of skills, Driskel makes the perfect athlete to replicate a Taysom Hill role.

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