The Bengals almost got away with it if it weren’t for those meddling mental mistakes. Cincinnati put up a heroic fight in rainy Seattle but ultimately came up short to the battle tested Seahawks.

When considering the expectations set for the Bengals Offensive Line and Defense, they played absolutely amazing. Which is a shocking, but very welcomed feeling in the Queen City.

Cincinnati’s defense came away with four sacks, one turnover, and allowed just 21 points and 233 total yards to a Russell Wilson led offense.

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The Bengals offensive line surprisingly held up against a fierce but scattered Seahawks front seven. Trey Hopkins and boys really had most of their success in pass protection, they allowed Andy Dalton to be calm, cool, and confident in the pocket as he tossed for a career high in passing yards in a single game.

The rushing game was a different story, however Zac Taylor’s prerogative was attacking Seattle’s secondary, and focus less on the ground game. And thats exactly how things panned out. Despite missing their top target in A.J. Green, and without Joe Mixon for the 2nd half to keep Seattle’s defense guessing, the Bengals had a potent passing attack. Just imagine what it could be when fully healthy.

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However, the Bengals did allow Bobby Wagner to stuff the run and make plays. I would’ve liked to see Zac Taylor account for the opponents best defensive player better, but all in all, Taylor had a great NFL head coaching debut in play calling and scheme. Better execution was needed.

The Bengals being the youngest roster in the league made several key mental mistakes that ultimately piled up and proved to be their demise.

  • Fumble in redzone after fumble recvery (possible +3 or +7 points)
  • Missed Field Goal (+3 points)
  • Failed to convert on 4th and 1 past mmidfield (possible +3 or +7 points)

All in all, thats at the least NINE more points the Bengals could have had. Thas the learning curve they experienced. We will need to learn how to close out games.

On defense, Sam Hubbard showed why he could be a dominant force off the edge. He showed tremendous burst and strength as he tallied two sacks, 2 pressures, and several run stops coming off of a 6 sack rookie season.

Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

The whole defensive line collected four sacks, pressured and contained Wilson in the pocket and were able to stifle the Seahawks pass and rush game up the middle.

The most exciting aspect for me was how excited the players were when somone made a play. Plus how Zac Taylor got the players to respond to the daunting task of playing at Seattle. We were outmatched talent wise along the trenches and the defense but we played like it was the other way around.

There’s a bright future in Cincinnati.

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