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Bengals 49ers Post Game Analysis

New Dey? Same Bengals. Despite a drubbing of a Home opener, the most disappointing aspect of the game was the lack of effort shown by the Bengals in the 2nd half.

Sickening. This gives us all short flashbacks to 2018 with the Marvin tyranny. Players looked lethargic and flat out lifeless. And that was no different this time. The thing Zac Taylor preached the most over the offseason, was the Culture Change. Well…we’re waiting.

We’ll get an early indicator of just what type of Coach Taylor is and how much of an impact he truly has when the Bengals take on the Bills in week 3. Their only option is to perform. They have to respond positively after this home blowout.

The game started out alright, oh who am I kidding, everyone knew the Bengals didn’t look ready to play. Going up against one of the best play callers in the league, Kyle Shanahan picked apart both sides of the Bengals. Zac Taylor handily got out coached in this one, I didn’t love his play calling but the offensive line made it go from bad to worse.

The Bengals only managed so scour up 25 rushing yards. 25. Seriously?! When you’re a one dimensional offense, its easy for a defense to hone in on the offense, especially when theres a serious mismatch with the defensive and offensive lines.

Andy Dalton looked like…well the usual Andy Dalton as of late and layed a goose egg compared to his week 1 performance. Although he wasn’t great, and he certainly didn’t put the Bengals in a winning position, this loss is far from his fault.

Its hard for Dalton and the offense to move the ball when you’re forced into constant passing situations due to the scoreboard, failed runs, and costly penalties. This is a very young team, with a lot to learn.

The Bengals linebackers continue to be a problem in pass coverage as they allowed the 49ers drive to continue on 3rd downs, and even let a wide open Marquise Brown walk in for an early touchdown. The tackling looked pathetic, and the scoreboard reflected it.

Going forward, everything needs to be better, including the win column.


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