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Los Angeles Lakers beat San Antonio Spurs 103-96

The Lakers have now won five in a row and sit on top of the West. Dwight Howard has been a factor in many of these games, as he continues on his LA Redemption Tour. Honestly, I couldn’t see Boogie having the same impact that D12 is right now, because most of his impact is coming through a brand of bully defense that Boogie doesn’t have, and that we honestly haven’t seen from Dwight in awhile. Nevertheless, this season is different. Dwight knows there is something on the line with this team, and he seems to be mature enough (and humbled enough) this time to act on it. Anthony Davis led the way, finishing with a 25pt/11rb double-double. LeBron James poured in another triple-double, finishing with 21pts/13asts/11rbs and Dwight came off the bench to the tune of a 14pt/13rb double-double.

For the Spurs, Dejounta Murray led the way with 18pts/4asts/11rbs. DeMar DeRozan finished with 14pts/5asts/7rbs and LaMarcus Aldridge was held completely in check by the Lakers bigs, finishing with 8pts/5rbs.

Sacramento Kings trounce New York Knicks 113-92

The Knicks were never in this game and David Fizdale put on a master class on how to be a poor basketball coach in today’s NBA. First, he benches Mitchell Robinson for Bobby Portis, completely opening the paint for the Kings De’Aaron Fox to slash at will. Then, even while Mitchell Robinson was the only net positive on the team for most of the game, he limits his minutes. Even more worrisome is the fact that entering the fourth quarter, Fizdale had played star rookie RJ Barrett a total of 34 of the possible 36 minutes he could have possibly played, in a blowout. We were never even close and he chose to keep running the kid into the ground. For a team that spoke so much about their “depth” in the offseason, Fizdale is responsible for ROOKIE RJ BARRETT LEADING THE LEAGUE IN MINUTES. That’s preposterous. To put a little icing on the cake, after the game Fizdale defended RJ’s minutes by saying, “Sprewell averaged 42mins for a season one year”. Oh yeah? I forgot how similar today’s game is to that of the ’90s and early ’00s. Oh, that’s right! It’s completely different now and way more ground is covered. Not to mention the fact that we were all robbed of prime Derrick Rose because numbskull Tom Thibs left him in a game that was all but over. C’mon FIzdale, be smarter or be fired. De’Aaron Fox led the Kings with 24pts/6asts. Buddy Hield added 22pts/4rbs and Richaun Holmes finished with a 14pt/10rb double-double.

For the Knicks, Marcus Morris led the way with 22pts/5rbs. RJ Barrett added 22pts/3asts/5rbs.

Indiana Pacers beat Chicago Bulls 108-95

Even without Sabonis and Turner, the Pacers made quick work of the Bulls on Sunday night. T.J. Warren led the way for Indy, finishing with 26pts/3asts/5rbs. Malcolm Brogdon added 22pts/7asts/3rbs. and T.J. Lead came off the bench with a 13pt/15rb double-double.

For the Bulls, Wendell Carter Jr finished with a 20pt/10rb double-double and Zach LaVine chipped in 21pts/6rbs.

Miami Heat smash Houston Rockets 129-100

Two things are true: This Miami Heat team is real and this Rockets team is out of wack. Eric Gordon is off to a pathetic start of the year, I wonder if he’s going to get the Melo treatment after 10 games (he won’t because D’Antoni doesn’t have a personal vendetta with him). On a night where Harden eventually got it going, Westbrook took the place of poor shooting and decision making. I mean, this backcourt had 13 turnovers between the two of them. That’s not sustainable to success. I don’t know what has to give, but the Rockets need to figure something out or be doomed to mediocrity for the duration of the season. Duncan Robinson played a mans game for the Heat, finishing with 23pts/6rbs. Jimmy Butler added 18pts/9asts/7rbs and James Johnson made an appearance off the bench, finishing with 17pts/3asts/4rbs. This Heat team is deep and ready to make their mark on the East.

For the Rockets, Harden led the way with 29pts/3asts/4rbs. Chris Clemons added 16pts/3rbs off the bench.

Dallas Mavericks beat Cleveland Cavaliers 131-111

Luka Doncic was sensational once again. It’s to be expected at this point. The second-year magician notched his second straight triple-double, finishing with 29pts/15asts/14rbs. Porzingis added 18pts/9rbs and Jalen Brunson added 14pts/6asts.

For the Cavs, Kevin Love led the way with 29pts/8rbs. Tristan Thompson added 11pts/4asts/12rbs and Jordan Clarkson chipped in 17pts off the bench.

Los Angeles Clippers beat Utah Jazz 105-94

Kawhi Leonard was Mr. Fourth Quarter on Sunday, pouring in 18pts in the period. He led the way for the Clippers, finishing with 30pts/3asts/6rbs. Montrezl Harrell added 19pts/8rbs off the bench and Lou Williams added 17pts/3asts/5rbs off the bench.

For the Jazz, Donovan Mitchell led the way, finishing with 36pts/6asts/5rbs. Rudy Gobert added a 12pt/14rb double-double and Bojan Bogdanovic chipped in 19pts/4asts/3rbs.

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