Week 10 Of The 2019 NFL Season Is One Of The Weirdest We Have Ever Seen

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This past week of NFL games showed that nothing is ever guaranteed in the unforeseeable business of professional football.  While the 2019 season has brought a few surprising outcomes like the Colts shocking the Chiefs on their home field or Baltimore absolutely destroying the Patriots on Sunday night, nothing has quite compared to what transpired last week. After starting with a thrilling back and forth AFC West battle on Thursday between the rising Raiders and the unpredictable Chargers, the National Football League took a rapid turn on Sunday with a slew of shockers and out of place moments. So lets sort out the playoff changing games that took place last weekend.

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The Dolphins won another game?

Yep, and this time it was against a team with a winning record and tied for first in their division. Fitzmagic seems to be alive and well down in Miami as it makes no sense how a Dolphins team that traded away any kind of talent they had on the roster(besides Xavier Howard) and were projected to be winless in 2019 have won back to back games. The win against the Jets didn’t mean much because they seem to be equally awful but the Dolphins were out maned and on the road against a Colts team that has been pretty solid considering the blow they took at the beginning of the season with the Andrew Luck retirement. Sure the Colts were down to their third quarterback but their team besides the quarterback should have been enough to beat the Dolphins by at least two scores.

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The Falcons utterly dismantled the Saints at the Super Dome?

The Falcons season has been a complete disappointment other then the redemption win against Philly early in the year. The Saints season has been defined on how successfully  they have handled adversity leading to only one loss on the season and they just got their hall of fame quarterback back from injury ready for a deep playoff run. But then at home against the 1-7 Falcons they only scored 9 points versus a defense that can normally not stop a nose bleed. Well at least the Saints defense will pick up the offense by demolishing a offense that is in desperate need of a makeover, right? Nope, the Saints defense let up 26 leading to a 17 point home loss for the Saints in November. Yes you read that right.

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Ryan Tannehill won a offensive shootout against Patrick Mahomes?

Despite the hype around Patrick Mahomes return to the field, the Chiefs just didn’t look right defensively throughout the game and even offensively at times. Most thought that this game wouldn’t have a shot at being close, but Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry carried their team to a season saving win. Something wacky gets with the Chiefs when they face the Titans whether its this past game, letting up a 18 point lead in the 2017 playoffs to lose the game at home, or letting up a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter in a December 2016 game at home. This game was no exception as Andy Reid’s terrible play call on third and two late in the game to run it with Mahomes instead of running a normal run play, the two botched field goals with under 2 minutes to go(something that has never happened even once since Andy Reid got to Kansas City in 2013), and Damien Williams untimely fumble for a touchdown all contributed to the most bizarre game I have ever watched as a Chiefs fan.

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Kirk Cousins won in prime time? Against a team with a winning record? On the Road?

To top the eccentric football day, for the first time in his 7 and a half year career, Kirk Cousins won a prime time game against a team with a winning record. Additionally that is also his first win against a winning team on the road in his short time with the Vikings. Those two sentences may not be commonly associated with Kirk Cousins, but this is what the Vikings paid him to do. Now its time to see if Minnesota can get a consistency going in winning these tough games. As for the Cowboys it baffles me how you have a top three offensive line in the NFL, Ezekiel Elliot, Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, Byron Jones, the NFL’s most deadly linebacker duo, and Demarcus Lawrence, but you have a 5-4 record. Something needs to be changed in Dallas and I think we all know that starts with Jason Garrett.

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All the other Sunday games

The Ravens took care of business as expected against a Bengals team that has managed to be worse then the Miami Dolphins. The Steelers are rolling with their 4th straight win against a Rams team that is left wondering, is the McCvay magic gone? The Packers held on late with a stop on the one yard against a respectable and under rated Panthers team. The Bears topped the Lions in the snooze fest of the week but this win against a Matt Stafford-less Lions will leave no one in Chicago hopeful about the Bear’s playoff chances. The Buccaneers and Cardinals competed in a fun game that was capped off by a game winning drive by the wild Jameis Winston. The Jets won the war of New York that had absolutely no one really caring about it. The Bills showed that they have taken advantage of their easy schedule with a ugly loss to the discouraging Browns.

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Is the Seahawks and 49ers rivalry back?

It looks like these two teams are back to giving each other all they got after their game of the week match. Featuring two defensive touchdowns, the excitement of overtime, and Russell Wilson making MVP plays, this game had it all. The 49ers may have suffered their first loss but they don’t have much to be worried about as they were without George Kittle and Emmanuel Saunders. With their two offensive stars out they still could have won the game but their kicker shanked it left. A game of the year candidate finished off the wacky week 10 of the NFL.

Did this week make any sense to the millions of football fans? Nope, but that is what the NFL is all about.

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