Lebron and Lonzo on “The Shop”

This was the 4th episode of LeBron James show “The Shop.” This show had a really good lineup in Lonzo Ball, Travis Scott, DeAndre Hopkins, Seth Rogan, Don Cheadle, Jimmy Lovine, Pharell, and Obviously Lebron. But I’m just gonna focus on what Lebron and Lonzo talked about and their thoughts on the Lakers. If you want to watch the whole show and other episodes go to HBO.


The first thing I want to talk about is when Zo and Lebron talked about Magic Johnson leaving. Zo started off by saying “I found out through him (Lebron)” Lebron then said “I found out through Randy, Between my stretching session my right hand come to me and said Magic just stepped down. the I said man get the f*** out my face your bull****ing. I go check my phone, I look at it, that s** happened. Personally, I came here to be part of the Lakers organization and having a conversation with Magic, so it was just weird for him. to just be like I’m out of here, and not even have no like hey bro kiss my a** I’m gone not even that.” After he said that Zo says “Yea but it was different for me. I was like damn that s*** crazy and I took a minute and I was like yo Kuz what we doing tonight!”

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Next Lonzo talks about the whole Alan Foster and BBB situation. They asked him if that whole thing hurt him and he said “yea I mean I’ve known him since I was 12…he was like my second dad…he was way more than that. When I bought my mom and dad a house he had a room in there. The way I see it why I covered up the BBB on my arm when I saw that (BBB tattoo) I saw him that s*** made me so like I was tight. We looked at the transactions and the s** didn’t start happening until my mom got sick (she had a stroke) because she took care of all the money so that’s what really hurt me… I don’t even know what I would do right now if I see him.”



Lastly, Lebron talks about Zion Williamson. he said “I’ve watched him a lot over the last year. Obviously, I was with everybody him coming out of high school I was like ok the competition he’s playing against these little short a** white kids he’s dunking over every single time…can he play ball. The one thing I noticed at his one year at Duke that his energy was effective like every possession it seems like he could make a difference on the outcome of the game… he is the most talked about guy in a long time.”


Top 10 Greatest Saints To Ever Play

Johnathon Vilma, Pat Swilling, Mark Ingram. All dominate Saints players yet they didn’t make the cut for my personal top 10 Saints players. Here is my top 10 Saints players.

Number 10: DE Will Smith

Super Bowl winning DE Will Smith was murdered tragically April 9th, 2016. Will Smith’s greatest play, in my opinion, was Tracy Porter’s game-sealing interception as he laid a key block on Peyton Manning.

Number 9: QB Archie Manning

Although it was another era when Saints fans typically wore paper bags over their heads, there was a shining star at QB by the name of Archie Manning. He gave the Saints hope yet we were typically considered the “laughing stock of the league.”

Number 8: WR Joe Horn

WR Joe Horn was not only a great receiver, he was a hilarious personality to have around New Orleans. He’s iconically know for his cell phone celebration after a touchdown.

Number 7: LB Sam Mills

LB Sam Mills passed away August 3rd, 2005 after a battle with colon cancer. Mills was inducted into the Saints and Panthers Hall of Fame. Mills is the inspiration behind the Panthers’ slogan “Keep Pounding.” He was in “Dome Patrol.” The “Dome Patrol” was a nickname for the Saints linebacking corp.

Number 6: OL Willie Roaf

OT Willie Roaf, aka “Nasty,” played for the Saints and Chiefs for thirteen seasons. He was such an exceptional tackle, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012.

Number 5: RB Deuce McAllister

DEUCEEEEE!!! Deuce McAllister is the greatest running back in Saints history. He was drafted out of Ole Miss in the first round and spent eight seasons with the Saints.

Number 4: WR Marques Colston

WR Marques Colston, the greatest WR to never make a Pro Bowl. After drafted in the seventh round out of Hofstra, he was never looked at tremendously. He has just under 10,000 career yards (9,759) and 72 touchdowns.

Number 3: K Morten Anderson

K Morten Andersen is one of the greatest kickers ever after just being passed by ageless K Adam Vinatieri. Andersen ended his career with 2,544 points. He was inducted into the 2017 Hall of Fame class.

Number 2: LB Rickey Jackson

HOF LB Rickey Jackson was inducted into the 2010 class. Jackson was the leader of the “Dome Patrol.” The “Dome Patrol” consisted of Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills, Vaughn Johnson and Pat Swilling.

Number 1: QB Drew Brees

Although this may be obvious, I placed Brees as the greatest Saint ever because after Hurricane Katrina, the Saints, and quite frankly, the whole city of New Orleans was in desperate need of a hero. The Saints were rumored to be relocated to San Antonio if NOLA couldn’t recover. Within a few years of being signed, Brees brought a Lombardi to NOLA.

Photo Credits : Canal Street Chronicles {#10-3}{Cover Photo}, Pro Football HOF {#2}, NY Times {#1}

Jayrone Elliott: Saints Best AAF Prospect

Former San Antonio Commanders’ LB/DE Jayrone Elliott would add great depth to the Saints’ defensive line and linebackers.

Elliott, who led the AAF in sacks with 7.5 in just 8 games, was a Packers linebacker a few years back and already spent time in New Orleans during the preseason.

With the Saints losing DT Sheldon Rankins for the beginning of the season due to a torn achilles and the lack of depth at the linebacker position for us, Jayrone Elliott could supply us with “breathing room” per se. Elliot is a great pass rusher and for him to learn with one of the game’s best in Cam Jordan can be very beneficial for him.

The 6’3″, 255lbs linebacker nearly missed the 53-man roster cut off and had to sign with the AAF in the meantime.

Fun Fact: LB Jayrone Elliott, CB Marshon Lattimore, WR Ted Ginn Jr, and ST/CB Justin Hardee all attended Glenville High School in Cleveland, OH.

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Lonzo to Nike?

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Is Lonzo actually ditching the Triple B’s, a family ran brand that recently broke the news after co-founder Alan Foster was accused of the 1.5 million dollars missing from Lonzo Ball?  Well the ball family has recently been giving out hints that Lonzo is going to Nike. For example, the first piece of news we got was a post on Lonzo Ball’s instagram of him with a Nike quote saying “It’s only a crazy dream until you do it.” The picture also has his number 2 jersey hanging up in the rafters with all the Laker greats.

The next piece of evidence that we have is Lamelo Ball commenting on that same post above saying “Love u brotha🤞🏽thanks for getting us out my G💯.” That could possibly mean that Big Baller Brand is over. There have been some reports that the Ball family have discussed ending the family company and anything to do with Alan Foster via ESPN. The Lamelo Ball comment is followed by another comment by the other brother LiAngelo Ball on his girlfriends live saying “Nike Gang”

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Could Big Baller Brand be nearing its end?

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Lastly, probably the biggest piece of evidence that Big Baller Brand is over is the video DMO Lonzo’s manager posted a video on his instagram of him putting the BBB shoes down the trash with the hashtag #dumpurmerch. That pretty much tells the whole world the Triple B’s are done.

Game Recap: Lakers vs Kings

Image via Marcio Jose Sanchez/ Associated Press

Finally guys finally! we get a win after the 5 game losing streak! Last night the Lakers won 111 to 106 vs the Kings which was close throughout until the 3rd quarter where Kyle Kuzma went off for 21 of his 29 points. At halftime the score was 49-48. Then at the end of the 3rd quarter it was 87-77 Lakers. Who would have guessed the Lakers started to blow the lead by giving up offensive rebounds and open threes to Buddy Heild who had 18 points and Bogdan Bogdanovic who had 17 points. All that matters is that we got the win to end the losing streak


My thoughts on the game: I’m gonna say this right off the bat. That is the best defense we have played since Lonzo Ball went out. We held De’Aaron Fox to 9 points on 3-16 shooting and Harrison Barnes to 10 points on 3-7 shooting. Lastly my guy Lebron James comes up in the clutch hitting 6-6 free throws in the 4th quarter. The team overall shot 20-24 (83.3%).

Top 3 Performers:

Lebron James (Lakers): 29 Points, 11 Rebounds, 11 Assist

Kyle Kuzma (Lakers): 29 Points, 6 Rebounds 2 Assist

Marvin Bagley (Kings): 25 Points, 11 Rebounds, 1 Block & Steal

Team Stats:

Lakers: Shot 39-85 (45.9%)

3pt 13-40 (32.5%)

56 Rebounds, 29 Assist, 4 Steals, 8 Blocks, and 20 TO

Kings: shot 39-104 (37.5%)

3pt 14-33 (42.4%)

50 Rebounds, 27 Assist, 13 Steals, 4 Blocks, 7 TO