Lakers Hire Vogel and Kidd as New Coaches

Reported on May 11th, 2019, the Lakers have hired former Pacers and Magic head coach Frank Vogel. Out of the 6 seasons, he coached the Pacers he went to the playoffs 5 times including back to back Eastern Conference Finals. With the Orlando Magic, he went a disappointing 54-110 and got fired after his second season. To be fair though he was not given the best team. Vogel’s contract is 3 only 3 years but the amount of money is unknown right now.

Next which came as a bit of a surprise to me is Jason Kidd former NBA player and former Nets and Bucks Head coach agreed to become the Lakers, new assistant coach. He was one of the backup options for the Lakers if also Frank Vogel decided not to coach the Lakers, but obviously, Vogel signed so he became the assistant coach which I’m happy with. He will help build the young guys talent up as he did with Kris Middleton, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Malcolm Brogdon. Reports came out right after he signed saying he did help Lonzo Ball the previous summer with his game. As the Bucks and Nets head coach, he went a total 183-190 which isn’t that bad. How do you feel about the new coaching staff?

Possible Draft Day Trades For The Saints

USA Today

The Saints are notorious for trading within the draft, especially in the Sean Payton era. In the Payton era, the Saints have traded every year except 2006 when Payton was hired and 2012 when Payton was suspended.

The Saints have traded from late in the second round to jump back into the first to snatch up a player they liked. They did this in 2011, going from No. 56 to No. 28 to select Alabama RB, Heisman Trophy winner, Mark Ingram.

One possible draft day trade the Saints could pull off is trading up to No. 28 with the Chargers. The Chargers are rumored to be looking to trade out of the first round. The Saints could possibly package G Andrus Peat, No. 62 overall and either a 3rd or 4th round draft pick from 2020.

Another possible draft day trade is for the Saints to trade out of the second round and deal No. 62 overall and a 2020 3rd round pick to the Cardinals for CB Patrick Peterson. It’s rumored Peterson’s time in Arizona is almost over. The Saints repetitively tried to trade for the All-Pro CB last season before trading for former Giants CB Eli Apple instead.

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What’s Next for the Magic?

By Payton Beasley



This very same question is asked at least 10,000 times per year by an Orlando Magic fan. That could be due to the team is nearly always finishing at the bottom of the league. This year just so happen to be a different case. You could credit the GM, John Hammon, as he was assigned as the GM in 2017, and has made 2 crucial draft picks.

Mo Bamba and Jonathan Issac

Most would say Hammond is a fantastic GM. Both Mo Bamba and J two draft picks were very bold but also beneficial. Besides those two, Aaron Gordon, and Nikola Vucevic… there isn’t much else! The teams’ bench play has shown to be an absolute atrocity. Now, without further holdup, lets look into how the Magic can fix EVERYTHING.

Find Key Players in Free Agency

This year’s free agency class is HUGE, and with names such as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, you MUST, and I mean MUST, grab at least one key asset. Here is who the Magic must acquire for the team to become competitive again:

SF/PF Kevin Durant: 4 yrs/ 145m

I know.. I know, this is a LOT of money. If anybody could potentially afford this, it would be the magic. With this signing, there would not be a whole lot of cap space left.. But do the Magic need that? They already have Mo Bamba at center, Johnathan Issac as forward, positionless Aaron Gordon (will be explained), and not a great SG. That’s where their remaining cap comes from..

SG Eric Bledsoe 3yrs/75m

Eric Bledsoe is such a hit-or-miss player it’s not even funny. I love the guy, but man, he puts up 9 points and then explodes for 32… but whatever. He has been what it has taken for the Bucks to be good. Giannis has done tons, but Bledsoe has been his Robin. Now with this, a starting five of Bamba, Durant, Bledsoe, Gordon, and Issac. Stay tuned.

#2: The Draft…

The season has yet to even conclude yet but am I high on some prospects. The one I have the most remarks on is Kentucky’s Keldon Johnson from Kentucky. Standing at 6’6 while being a shooting guard could develop into a huge scorer… but a bust also. He tends to score from his brain instead of his physics, which could be a potential issue. The jumper on this dude is unheard of. Reminds me of a poor man’s Curry.

#3: Cut The Contracts!

Evan Fournier, SG

Fournier is a great player, don’t get me wrong. He is just so boom-or-bust it’s not even funny. The team should either trade away Fournier or waive him. Either way, that $17 million salary is just unbelievable for a player of his quality.

Terrance Ross, SG

Ross has proven to be not worth the $10 million we owe him. Cut him or trade him away. In my opinion, The Magic should not look to be keeping this guy around.

Timofey Mozgov, C

The best plan for the Magic is to either trade or cut Mozgov, because there is no way a 32-year-old center should be garnering $16 million a year for a player I have never heard of. Next.

DJ Augustin, PG

30 years old and seven million we can gain back by trading or releasing him sounds like a done deal.

Now, you may say, who would we sign back in place of these four?

Here are Four Cheaper Players the Magic Should Pursue:

Kent Bazemore, ATL

Although Bazemore does have an unconventional jumper, he does have the chance to be a great lockdown defender like Patrick Beverley. Speaking of Beverley…

Patrick Beverley, LAC

Beverley is a great lockdown defender, and if anything the Magic need, it is some form of defense. We can get him and Bazemore in return for half of what we are paying for Ross and Fournier.

Marshon Brooks, CHI

A actually great bench player, Brooks has the skillset to excel on a weak Magic bench. Him in Chiraq did not seem to get along because he never got time. In Orlando, the time for him on the bench is his to lose..

Allen Crabbe, BKN

Crabbe is a great player. He is one of piece of Brooklyn and he could be a benfical piece in Orlando. Next..

Luol Deng, MIN

Deng is very old, yes, but he is averaging 15 points a game for Minnesota! I mean, we could bring him back for a cheap contract to Orlando, and he could be a great replacement.

Jamychal Green, LAC

Green is a intriguing prospect. Not because he isn’t good, but because he 29 and we could grab him and have him put up 10 points a game off the bench consistently.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, BKN

Another Nets member, Hollis-Jefferson is a very great player for the Nets. The games I watch of the Nets (not many) he is very good. A intrguing player for ORL if we pay him.

Jake Layman, POR

I’ve heard about this guy. He has been sensational for Portland their last few games and maybe he could be great for us as well.

Enes Kanter, POR

Another Portland player, Kanter is a very good center we can grab. He is very weird… but thats okay. As long as we can maintain him and help him as a team, its good.

Greg Monroe, BKN

Monroe is a reliable bench player who can be brought to the Magic on a relatively cheap contract. Will we get him? Only time will tell.


Now now, I know, Nene is 37. But whatever dude. Nene is a BEAST. The man is putting up 12 points a game at 37. Get this man here however you can Orlando.

Nikola Vucveic, ORL

I know, this does not REALLY count. But it would be nice if we could retain him.